8441 – Friday! T-minus 28:30 until My Launch for the Keys!

Nice time with the Danster last night. He’s probably at about 50% go for Dragon*con. I’ll be going unless some unexpected financial issue comes up to stop me. He had curried duck, and I had a boatload of veggie sushi. He paid for dinner, and I bought us 3 packs of pirates each… and I got a sea monster! Calyspos (traded from Danny for a huge French Clipper ship… fair trade, both are rare, he’s got a nice French fleet, and my Spanish fleet would love to have a giant squid on its team)

Danny also gifted me with Darwinia as a pleasant surprise, as well. I imagine that I’ll spend nice bit of time fiddling with that, too.

Looks like it might be a bit rainy down south this weekend.

Sometimes, a Brain in a jar quoting Nietzsche to a Super-intelligent Gorilla can make me misty.

My land line took a bad bounce, and now the ringer no longer works. I can still send and receive calls, but have no idea when an incoming call is… well, incoming, unless it’s call waiting while I’m on the phone already, or if I’m actively looking at the caller ID. I think I’ll just forward it to my cell phone for the weekend, anyhow.

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