8438 – Happy Saint Elizabeth of Portugal Day!

concretebldg brokencars smashycars schoolbuses doughnuts urbandecay metrorail carrygraffiti miamibldgs miamiroads cranesroad canalcranes cranes downtown downtownmural ridgiebldg graffitiandarts courthouse dwarfsteeple miamiauditorium hobocamp weirdwall arch construction2 DSCN0379 power2 curvyroad2 curvyroad power construction happyman southmiami miamisteeple miamicherrypic graffiticars boatsandspikes trainroads2 trainroads boats erraticwindows miamiart religraffiti4 religraffiti3 jet religraffiti2 religraffiti metrorail3 metrofromabove metrorail2 boat-cubbies hillbanddix busseat chirpybird DSCN0335 busnut iggy

Items of note are the religious graffiti, and a load of architecture.

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