8488 – Monday, again!

I’ve got some good thoughts to buoy me through Monday Meeting!

Every day is a new challenge, but I’ve got some good ammo to combat most challenges that come my way lately.

Danny sent me the complete first season of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series! (The Pilot Movie, and 13 regular episodes). Very Keen. Apparently Paradise Island is in the Bermuda Triangle, according to the show…I always pictured it in Greece.

Had a nice walkabout yesterday… went to riverfront to check out the place before it gets torn down to make way for condos. Took a few snaps, met up with Tina. We had a little bite to eat at the Italian place, then saw Monster House. I quite enjoyed it, though it was a bit slow at first… and I wasn’t expecting a PG rated thing in that style. Some pretty unexpected turns, and character actions that were rather creepier than an evil house that eats people.

Post movie, we chitty-chatted and got ice cream before it was time to go – getting spoiled.. I just had a cone with Danny last Thursday.

Still haven’t seen Pirates (Movie-time conflict), and putt-putt is being saved for a day when we can get a bigger crew together.

Pictures of construction, graffiti, and etc.

8487 – Good Morning, Dear Journal!

Lovely talk on the phone last night, that went well into the wee hours. I simply didn’t want to hang up, but fatigue eventually drew me to snooze-ville. I woke up about an hour later and stumbled upon an interesting lj, and ended up engaged in some interesting conversation there, too.

I’m not feeling fatigued this morning, and I got my first pente defeat at the hands of bhk, trying to sink The Dreaded Pirate Greybeard’s Pente-ship Barkin’ Lotus!

newt and friend
newt and friend on the porch yesterday.

Dice Wars – very simple, but addictive. I think proximity is a lot of fun, too. It has a revered place on my pda.

I heard a great quote the other day – “True nobility is not about being better than anyone else, but being better than you used to be.”

Beautiful thought, and I’m all for it.

Video: Microsoft Vista speech recognition demo gone bad

Dear aunt, let’s set so double the killer delete select all.

The XP recognition works reasonably well for me, save for some of the more esoteric phrases.

Animated movie from 787 clip art samples. I really like it.

Mighty Illegal Wireless Hotspot Hacks – the most useful thing for me was showing how to make my laptop a hot spot. Some very interesting info that can be reapplied a few different ways, but mostly importantly, insure the validity of where you connect.

Still unsure what I’m up to today – no word on putt-putt or movies or whatnot, but I’m off to get ready for my day. Shower, Yoga and morning walkies. Until later, dear journal.

Today’s Music has no lyrics – a sample of gamelan. Flying Goldfish Flower by Christine Southworth (mp3, 7 MB)via

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8486 – from the “south wing”

First morning of Yoga went well, though I think I prefer the evening program so far. Taking things slow and easy, but I’ll be bendy as gumby in a bit.

Newt’s already started practicing, too. I dig the time stamp, 04:44:40.

On the Porch now – Newt got pretty excited about a little black squirrel on the outside balcony, but other than that, I’m just lounging outside and soaking up the humidity and enjoying the peace and quiet. Only real sounds are the fountain burbling and an odd rumble in the distance. Newt has since calmed down

Odd to watch Kids in the Hall unbleeped. Recorded back in the day when you could say “shit” on Canadian TV, but not on the Comedy Channel.

I haven’t planned a walkabout yet, but I think maybe a little journey to points west. Possibly doing putt-putt with mental_circles, home_grown_cl, and hedache tomorrow, if they recover from the Bowling for Soup concert tonight.

Forgot to mention that I went with Danny to a little comic book store in Boca Raton on Thursday. Quarter bins have given way to dollar bins. I picked up a few 1963 comics that had fallen by the wayside a move or two ago. A shame the Annual never made it to print. I was saddened to see that the Thing Series has come to an end. graypumpkin and kat78731 brought me a two or three issues when they were last in town, and I filled up to get all eight. The store’s Comic Book Guy(tm) said it was a fan favorite, but sales just weren’t enough to keep it alive.

Looks like a few of my flickr pictures are being published in schmap’s fort lauderdale guide!

Your Wrestler Name Is…

Bloodstained Adonis

Under the Pines by Jonathan Coulton is a Sad Love song about Bigfoot and Leonard Nimoy. Poor Leonard.

Spiffy Pirate movie! – Pretty entertaining French cartoon.


When you enter a number to dial and select a voice this program will dial that number and then read the message to them. The caller ID number can be made up. I’m bookmarking it…that has some nifty potential.

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8484 – coolly numbered entry

Complete listing of Windows® ALT Codes

Cripes! Is July nearly over already? Whahoppen? Weeks are screaming past at a breakneck pace.

You Are Best Described By…

Impression, Sunrise
By Claude Monet

Danny didn’t like 12 Monkeys nearly as much as I do. Yesterday was calm and gentle, and I’m all for that. We discussed a question posed about usefulness of high school algebra by most people in either the workplace or at home. I’ll pass it along here, just as an informal quiz, once he gives me the exact wording. Quite honestly, I don’t really need either much, if any of the math I learned after about 7th grade or so.. or probably earlier… I do rations, percents, and arithmetic a lot, of course, but I can’t remember the last time I had to solve for X or cut something on a proper angle.

I do, however use critical thinking skills all the time, which I think I may have picked up as a side effect of geometry/algebra/calc. If I had it to learn all over again, I would have preferred to learn those skills without some of the more esoteric greek math.

In other news, we had sushi – I had spicy tofu, some tempura sweet potato, and a veggie roll – Danny shared the tofu, and went with his usual Scandinavian-style sushi with orange fishy-eggy-type stuff. It was very pretty for being made of reproductive fish bits.

After Sushi, we went for some walkies around the cove, and discovered a few pretty tasty-looking restaurants for next time. Not a bad mix – Brazilian, French, a Dive bar, and a final place to stop and sum up the night with ice cream. We had a few scoops, and headed back home.

When I got home, I found a lot of goodies waiting for me… 2 Kids in the hall dvds, the final Zim, and best of all, my lovely Yoga package from bhk! In there was a spiffy dvd in 3 parts… AM, PM, and Relaxation. Also in the package was an awesome blue yoga mat, and swell letter to newt and m’self, and a delightful postcard, to boot. Thank you! I plan on doing the nightly on every evening, and the morning stuff on days I don’t get up before dawn. The relaxation, I’ll shoot for midday on the weekends before walkabout.

Photos from yesterday-

hungarian wellness mudbus stopwater wall at the sushi jointrevue blanchesunrise 072706
Hungarian wellness mud
 / bus stop / water wall at the sushi joint / revue blanche / sunrise 072706

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8483 – YOU BLEW IT UP!

Sort of lame that Lance Bass is pulling the ‘Ellen’ card right before he’s starting a new show.

It’d be cool if his new TV program is about how he caught “The Gay” during his Russian Space Shot, and returned to a planet populated by talking apes. I’d watch it.

For three episodes anyway, until it turned into Will & Grace, with Ape-o-Nauts.

Even Space Monkeys can’t save Will & Grace.

Sorry, Monkey.

8482 –

Joe Nishizawa: Japan’s underground photography

Is my open wireless access point an Attractive Nuisance? Some spiffy lawyer I know says very possibly!

Current music on youtube (My first introduction to them)

Tentative plans this week – Danny today, M_C on either Friday or Sunday, Saturday is Cleaning and walkabout.

Dang… does Second life have a major update for *every* time I log in?

I admire this person’s penmanship, but I really don’t mind Pompano. via

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8479 –

I fear the urge to see snakes on a plane has passed. I was enjoying the hype far more than I could possibly enjoy the movie. Maybe I’ll feel differently once I hear a fun review of it, or make a party out of going. Monster House might be a winner, though.

The other side of Newtcam… what folks don’t normally see in the Scotto Grotto

Moment of Lyric – youtube video – I dig the dancing.(even though the main kid looks like Ronald McDonald and Michael Jackson’s love child.)


Lost my shape-Trying to act casual!
Can’t stop-I might end up in the hospital
I’m changing my shape-I feel like an accident
They’re back!-To explain their experience

Isn’t it weird/Looks too obscure to me
Wasting away/And that was their policy

I’m ready to leave-I push the fact in front of me
Facts lost-Facts are never what they seem to be
Nothing there!-No information left of any kind
Lifting my head-Looking for danger signs

8478 –

Not nearly so creaky this morning… definitely connected to barometric pressure.

I dreamt last night that there was a rash of break-ins in my neighborhood… it turned out that some sort of mold was coating windows and making them shatter as the mold grew.

Forgive, oh Lord, my little jokes on thee/and I’ll forgive thy great big one on me–Ogden Nash

I have no interest in seeing the World Trade Center movie.

I can’t believe how truly fortunate I am, really. I sometimes just catch myself and even if I’m cranky, I’m amazed at how good I really have it.

Not getting together with Danny today – he forgot dance plans with the Mrs… no biggie, he’s going to visit on Thursday, instead, perhaps.

The High Cost of Being Poor- Barbara Ehrenreich comments on working in AmericaAlternately here.

reprinted here for reference