8415 – What speak you words that have no meaning?

Danny and I were pretty bushed yesterday, after work.. not in the mood for movies about weather or bigh boats or wacky couples sharing an apartment. Instead, we walked around toys ‘r us, had Thai/Japanese food. (interesting to have veggie rolls as appetizers, and then Pad Thai with tofu for main meal.)

Waitresses were stern, but massively skilled, superb service and swift… smiles flickered to their faces when eye contact was met… only to fade out as they moved on. Danny ventured that they were under cover martial artists, due to the clockwork precision. They were tipped well.

We went back to my place to do a little game of pirates, but were feeling too lazy to roll dice or push 2 inch plastic boats, so we watched an episode of Red Dwarf, Zefrank’s video journal, and about 10 minutes of Land of the lost.

sleestak and enik

library of skulls


Next Get-together will probably be Thursday. Newt treated Danny pretty well this time around. Tomorrow, he ges to learn the hustle with his mrs.

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