8413 – Happy B-day juliabee and spacshangalangshang!

I thought I’d be missing my dad more than I did yesterday… but I did fine. Thought about him quite a bit, but didn’t get overly misty. I trundled to the beach, and then the Mango Festival for a bit of lunch – it was a pretty soggy Sunday, so I bailed early on the Mango Festival, but I benefited from some lovely chit-chat with BHK instead.

Dan and I will likely hit the movies after work today, barring anything unforseen. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep awake throughout? Monday is usually fairly taxing due to morning meetnigs and midday catch-up.

Rest in Peace, Weaver the Weatherman. I always thought that Bob Weaver was a really great name. A weatherman for over 50 years, he was a very real institution in Florida TV.

graypumpkin mentioned something about chocolate dice sold at his local game store, so I sniffed ’em out. Both in high quality 6d6 (probably best suited for GURPS, and skill test rolling) and the more multicolored 75d6 foil-wrapped dice (More for Champions team of energy-blasts, I’d expect. Every time you roll low, eat it.) see also – 24 red d6 of hazelnut fudge

Like gamers need another way to put on weight!

Moment of Lyric – mp3

Close your eyes and look at me
I’ll be standing by your side
In between the deep blue sea
And the sheltering sky
If we find no words to say
To the rhythm of the waves
Then we’ll both surrender there
Walking on air

And the worries of the day lie down
Under cover of the fading clouds
The secrets of the night
Come alive in your eyes
You don’t have to hurry
You don’t have to try
Cause you don’t have a care
You’re walking on air

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