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Newt wasn’t the most friendly host yesterday… I suspect it was a combo of smoke and/or illness stress that he was picking up from Tina. We had a nice time watching Monsters, Inc and a couple of Eddie Izzard concerts. Much (perhaps too much) Italian food was consumed, and I think a good time was had by all. The eggplant and garlic pizza is even better as a breakfast food this morning.

Some thoughts came up for a decor style for the apartment… maybe a tiki bachelor pad? If it’s possible to get that look with sturdy, comfy furniture, I’m all for it! The tiki-retro look is a pretty keen one.

The Mango Festival’s music was widely varied… from the amazing to Muzak-level artists played too loudly. I’m going to swing back by later today… many people are there having a grand time, so why not Scotto?

I’ve just switched the phones over to EN from ECN… so I think that maybe after a little morning nap, I’ll take a trek outside, if the skies stay clear.

through 9 am…isolated showers and a few thunderstorms will continue to affect the waters off the broward and Miami-Dade coast. only a few light showers will move onshore to affect the fort Lauderdale and Miami metro areas…though most areas will remain dry. the showers will move west northwest at 10 mph.

Danny contacted me earlier – wants to get together once or twice in the week ahead. (Last week was quite busy for him, and he was unable to comfortably do anything.) Maybe we can catch An Inconvenient Truth{website has some sound}. I’m interested in seeing how well it makes a case.

Side note, websites with flash opening pages / purely flash navbars are a bad idea… especially with sound. At best, it limits the size of your audience (if there are no alternate accessibility options added) and at the worst, it’s an annoying bombardment on the eyes and ears that also damages system security.

KIGALI (Reuters) – Twelve baby gorillas were given names by Western officials on Saturday in a ceremony aimed at attracting more foreign tourists to the tiny central African nation.

Dubbed “the land of a thousand hills”, Rwanda is home to nearly 400 mountain gorillas, one of the world’s most endangered species, which attracted over half of the country’s 22,000 tourists in 2005.

Tourism officials face an uphill battle to lure visitors to Rwanda, where around 800,000 people were massacred in the 1994 civil war.

Representatives from the United States, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands — where most of Rwanda’s tourists come from — participated in the baby gorillas naming ceremony, normally reserved for newborn children.

The UK ambassador to Rwanda Jeremy Macadie called one of the gorillas “Big Ben” after London’s famous landmark.

“Like the way ‘Big Ben’ is a major tourist spot in London, this young baby gorilla will be a center attraction for tourist to this beautiful nation,” Macadie said.

Rwanda earned over $25 million (14 million pounds) from the tourism sector in 2005 but hopes to make close to $100 million by 2010.

The first public naming ceremony was held last year when 30 baby gorillas were given local names.

Conservationists and researchers have traditionally named the gorillas they track using the patterns formed by wrinkles on the primate’s faces as identifiers.

A 1988 film, “Gorillas in the Mist”, based on the work of primate researcher Dian Fossey, who studied the animals in the 1960s, has put the tiny nation on the world map.

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