8405 – Happy B’day, Littler Big Sis! *huggos* to LDY

Monday’s morning meeting DRAGGED. A lot was said, but I fear that little was communicated.

mass transit trip planner for south florida. handy as all get out.

After a nice gab about “something to do with your hands, rather than smoking” resulted in finding these toys.

Stretchy Ape, filled with rubber beads! Water Snake! Ye Olde Popping Martian!

Moment of Lyric –

Waiting at the station,
waiting for the right moves,
waiting in the basement,
waiting for the right cues,
waiting in a daydream,
waiting in the slipstream

waiting in the right bars,
waiting in the right shoes,
waiting in a fast car,
waiting in the airports,

waiting for my airmiles,
waiting in slow motion,
coming through the turnstiles.

And if you ever change your mind,
you know I’m hard to find,
and if you ever need someone…

I’ll still be waiting…
Waiting with the orphans, waiting for the bee stings, they tell me that success brings,
waiting in the half light, waiting for your whole life,
waiting for an ideal…a low deal…a no deal, to play your stereotype.
And if you ever find the time,
you know I’m not far behind,
And if you ever need someone…

I’ll still be waiting…
just waiting for a friend.
I say it’s all right,
It’s all right my friend…just waiting.

*Legal* BitTorrent Download for Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2

This is not a crack, this is not a hack, this is not software piracy -it’s unofficial mirroring with official validation. You can get a Windows Vista Beta 2 product key for free through Microsoft, as the OS won’t install without one.

See also, Windows Vista Beta: How to dual-boot Windows XP and Windows Vista

My Scotto-thermostat is broken… the house temperature reads the same, but my body seems to heat up about 10-11pm, right before bedtime, like the more tired I am, the warmer I get… especially noticeable as core temperature of my torso and the soles of my feet.

Free Comic book of 60’s TV heroes! Herculoids! Mighty Mightor! David & Goliath!, Birdman!, er… Moby Dick, too.

Sorry about the lack of content this morning, dear journal… have a man and possum.


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