8389 – Saturday. similar feeling as last weekend this time.

Watched Iron Giant last night, for the first time in a few years. Still as excellent as I recalled. While it played on the TV, I unpacked a few of the boxes stowed by the bookcases that needed weeding out. Found a bunch of old Legion Comics which distracted me for a bit while I put ’em in order and put them at the bottom of the linen closet, for the lack of a better temperature-controlled location. Followed up with The Swarm. (An Irwin Allen Sci-fi stinko classic featuring Michael Caine shooting bees from his eyes.)

Cleaning Lady comes by today… after she’s done, I’ll probably go walkabout for a bit, if the weather’s right. I think a walk along the beach might be in order.

Cinnamon toast for breakfast! First time I’ve made it in years… it always reminds me of being a little kid.

Best Message board icon of the moment – 2 cats playing ping pong.

Some pics from yesterday –

sticker graffiti- cookie monster
Cookie Monster Sticker Graffiti – Just kidding? On the rear exit of the Route 10.

sunrise pano 060206
Bus stop – sunrise was like a fire boiling away clouds.. rain was happening a bit to the right.

Found a number of OTR podcasts… about 8-10 hours of classic stuff every week. Songbird is pretty handy there. Sort of disappointed in Penn Gilette’s show, so I’m almost all NPR, OTR, and Prairie Home Companion… oh, Stomp Tokyo and Marc Maron’s show. Sometimes I listen to them on the ride into/from work, while reading, and I sometimes blank out what I’m listening to.

Moment of mp3 – Cake – The Distance – It reminds me of the 90s.

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