8351 – Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, a Day of Rest!

Got together with Kev last night, did a classic fart party at my place… pizza, caught up on gossip and family, and watched the extended version of buckaroo banzai. I think that he’ll do quite well to be away from his siblings and in-laws for a year. Newt was pretty talkative…he smelled Kev’s Zoo, and was investigating him the whole time, alternately nuzzling, sniffing, and bipping.

Yesterday morning when I left for work, the smell of ozone was in the air, and thunder in the distance. I put my palm, cell phone and digicam in a sealed plastic bag, and went to the stop with umbrella as a walking-stick. Before I cleared the D building, it was coming down in sheets. By the time I made it to the bus stop, I was soaked through, save for a circle of only semi-wet the size of my bumbershoot coverage. My natural body-heat dried most of me out, save for socks and shoes, which squished throughout the day. Not the most fun feeling, and I really couldn’t take ’em off, because I had some dog & pony shows / trainings to do. I was more than delighted to be free of those foot-bindings once I arrived home.

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Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) told her caucus members during their weekly closed meeting Wednesday that impeachment is off the table; she is not interested in pursuing it.

Dear Ms. Pelosi, kiss my ass. If it’s your job to assist in prosecution of folks that commit crimes, then assist. If they don’t find any crimes, then state that fact, clear their good name and move on to doing your fricking job elsewhere.

American troops have complained that a new armored body suit designed to be worn in Iraq makes them look “goofy”.


The water-cooled “alien spacesuits” are being handed out to turret gunners in their notoriously vulnerable Humvee vehicles.

The new suit is designed to protect against roadside bombs but has had mixed reviews from soldiers

The protective suit, based on those worn by bomb disposal officers, was intended to cut spiraling casualties for one of the most dangerous jobs in modern warfare.

But some troops have complained that the armor and headgear is inelegant. Others say the water-cooling system, designed for the soaring temperatures of an Iraqi summer, regularly breaks down.

Nonetheless, the suits being tested in combat by US military police units in northern Iraq have produced good results.

Capt Larry Bergeron told the military newspaper Stars and Stripes that the armor was credited with saving the lives of three men sprayed with shrapnel from roadside bombs.

“One soldier’s visor stopped a piece of shrapnel that hit dead center,” he said. “If he had not had that suit on, the effects could have been catastrophic.”

Gunners on Humvees have high casualty rates. While newly-installed armor protects those inside, the gunner stands with the upper half of his body exposed, making him far more vulnerable to roadside bombs and gunfire. Others have been crushed as vehicles overturn.

But Specialist Michael Floyd, 19, said: “I am not a big fan of this thing. It is really hot and hard to move around in. I do feel safer, but only in an explosion. I would not feel safer in a rollover or in small-arms fire.”

Critics say the heavy suits also restrict movement during combat.

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Jeroen Offerman’s decided to record his own version of Led Zep’s classic Stairway To Heaven. Backwards. He recorded the whole thing back to front giving himself Nevaeh Ot Yawriats and then reversed his version to make it play the right way again.

Someone was kind enough to reverse Jeroen’s reversal again and this is what his tune sounded like before being run backward.

More about why he did it here.

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