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Hooray for mail!

Yesterday I got two lovely bits of mail…. a postcard from Bubbles, and two bookmarks from ilene! The postcard was a pleasant surprise… Bubs has the best handwriting… able to fit a lovely amount of content onto a mailer. The Bookmarks are even nicer than I’d hoped they would be. A monkey on one, and Newton on the other.. what more could I ask for?

ABC adds full streaming episodes of Lost ( and other shows) legally and for free! They need to do this with other shows/networks.

New Superman Returns Trailer is looking pretty keen! – I’m fairly enthused, but I don’t think that I like the new Lois Element.

Moment of Lyric – InstrumentalMP3

Speaking of Which, nice collection of ad-free lyrics – LyricWIKI

Wooden PC Case Mods. I really, really like these. Beautiful.

Archives on Hold Due to LJ being spotty – will update later.

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