8321 – H – wow, it is trickier than it might appear!

Here is how it works: Comment in this entry, and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter including an explanation of what those words mean to you and why.

Weezeroni, that clever Weezle gave me an “H.” Here goes:

1 – Home. I need a place to keep myself and my stuff… somepleace where I can shut the doors and nobody else will have the right to come in and root through my stuff. I don’t mind having a housemate, but I really prefer to have a region that is exclusively mine. Newt is welcome anywhere, at any time, however.

2 – Hugs. I love ’em. I love to give em out to folks that aren’t made uncomfortable by them. I can be gentle, or do a spine-snapper depending on the tastes of the recipient.

3 – Humor – Of all sorts. Dry, black, witty, satire, scatalogical, slapstick… I laugh easily, even at some things that my forebrain tells me that I shouldn’t. I especially like folks that are quick wits, and those that “think outside the box”. That said, Tom Green was never, ever funny. He’s just an idiot.

4 – Harmony – When people or things just synch up and work without tossing a cog. Music is just one side of it.

5 – Her-folk (possibly also hormones or just human?) – I have a weakness for girls. So sue me. It’s not just “hotties”, but almost all women get some pedastal treatment, unless they’ve proved themselves to be severe headcases or manipulators, which then causes me to toss them into the discard pile.

6 – Hubbub/Humanity – I confess that movement and activity of people facinates me. So much about people stll confuses me, and I’m one of ’em. Different behaviors, clothes, interactions… there is monkey politics, to be sure, but folks are really amazing how they interact with one another. I’d like to think that people are fundamentally, if basic needs are met, but experience tells me that some are, and some arent. See health, below.

7 – Health – Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social. I think that the root of all problems comes from damage in these areas. Money isn’t the root of all evil, it just adds opportunity for more good or evil.

8 – Happiness – I like to make people happy, including myself. Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff… I don’t always remember that, but when I do, it pays off in spades.

9 – Horripilation – An awesome term meaning “goosebumps”. One of my favorite little-used words. I like the thrill that comes from reading a really scary story, or going on a roller coaster type ride with a huge drop.

10- Herbivore – I prefer not to eat the flesh of an animal, if I can help it, due to the cruelty factor involved, not to mention it’s more evironmentally sound and healthy. I’m a bit hypocritical (another H word!) on that, because I will do eggs and dairy, mostly out of convenienceGeotarget

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