8317 – plop, plop, flappity flap flap.

Another one to add to “reasons I wish I could copy images/sounds seen directly to paper with photo-realistic accuracy” list.

Sitting on the porch, daydreaming and idly stroking newton, I look at one of the palm trees trees by the lake. see a coconut drop, and for a split second notice that on top of the coconut, riding the 15 foot or so drop is a medium-small sized iguana… he leapt off before the brown, furry ball hit the water, and did a belly-flop of his own into the drink about a foot to the left of the fallen tree-fruit.

The twin splashes cause about a dozen ibis to launch up and out over the water.

I think I’m the only one who saw it… nobody down by the pool or walking around the lake from my vantage point, anyhow.. it was a visual treat, but all took place before I could even think of retrieving the camera from its pouch. Even Newt was oblivious, licking a pawGeotarget

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