8307 – 2z-D.

The visual part of my brain wonders why a yellow sun in a blue sky doesn’t have green around it. The Logical side understands a bit about the atmosphere and diffuson, bu tthe visual side isn’t buying it.

Hot, fresh b’nanner pancakes is a great way to start the day. I need to get some blueberries for next time.

A Florida mall dispute ended Saturday night with the arrest of the Easter Bunny on battery charges.

Some pictures from yesterday bright and early –

Newton Stalking my left foot.

Yawwn… I need to brush his teeth! Looking a little yellow there!



Sign that he wants a tummy rub while I’m working on the computer.



two shots of moments before dawn… I like the sky when it’s purple.

via ldy

This entry would have been longer, but…

Holy smokes, this is the cutest little game that ever did cute.

Cute cute cute cute CUTE!

It’s like Bejeweled… but requires a rather different strategy. And it has the most adorable little creatures! Cute!

FARM HUSTLE: http://farm.avocadolite.com/game.phtml

I’m not sure what farms have octopus and peeps and teddy bears, or how bombs might “scare them off to their rooms quicker,” but I’m not one to complain.

Did I mention that it’s cute? It’s really really cute. And terribly addictive. You’ve been warned.

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