8305 – Which brings us back to d’oh!

New Dr. Who was ok.. I liked the semi-zombie goodness despite the weak ending, but I look more forward to next week’s episode… Werewolves and Queen Victoria!

Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society – Well, it makes as much sense as those Civil War guys.

Aw, phooey… Monday again, eh? Weekend evaporated like fog on a hot day. Had lunch with the Mom and her gang at Sweet Tomatoes, and came home to an overlong nap… Sunday was completely wiped off the map as a result. Danny tried to call me from the Atlanta arport, but both phones he was using were wrecked, microphone-wise. Good to know he made it in ok, however.

I’m not a big fan of recent SNL, but the video bits, and smigel’s tv funhouse animation segments still can shock and awe a bit. Last weekend’s “Disney Vault” bit was pretty awesomely horrid.

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