8301 – Good… Saturday?

Dreamt that I was in Disney world chasing a shape-shifting Newton. Hippo, Crocodile, Puma, then Newt, depending on the tone of voice I was using to call to him, and what part of the magic kingdom we were in… mostly Haunted Mansion / Tiki Birds region. He seemed to stick with changing into other animals, but was always recognizable by me, somehow. I finally caught him at Pirates of the Caribbean, on the island with the impaled skeleton. (where the seagull is sitting).

Went with Danny out to Masamune, my first time there. The food was superb. I’d have to say the spicy tofu appetizer was the best I’ve ever had. I’ll be going back pretty frequently, I suspect. I also had a cucumber roll, salad and tempura veggies. It was nice to have about 5 hours with Danny for the first time in an age.. he picked me up at work, did some shopping (I got a new UPS battery at the Depot, and he got a DVD at Barnes & Noble -The Quest for Fire.

Outside was a weird security tower/siege machine looking gizmo.



It seats one inside, has a light flasher on top, wind gauge, speakers on all sides, and can be elevated to about four stories or so. it seats one, and has a nice air conditioning unit on top, a swell as very dark-tinted windows. I wonder what purpose it serves in the parking lot? Some sort event there later?

We got to catch up.. I’m glad things are going quite a bit better for him and Jan, for the most part.

Freaky, sinister seeming Easter tradition in Spain – processions in classic pre-inquisition Christian garb.

Too bad we don’t do this here, but I suppose some folks would confuse ’em for Klansmen.








– most found via substitute.

First episode of the new Dr. Who airs in the UK tonight! I wonder how long it’ll take for it to be on the torrent sites? I’m guessing 3 hours after.

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