8297 – Coming at you like a shark with knees!

Newt was shown in yesterdays Zefrank video news post. Sadly, Zefrank says that animals aren’t allowed in any known League of Awesomeness. It seems I must submit a power move of my own, and thenget Newton into the league’s good graces later.

Maybe I should show my eyestalk yoink power move!


Yes, no, I, this is

Got together with Kat and Graypumpkin yesterday at lunch. Nice time was had lunch of bagel sammiches and I got gifties of Issues 4 & 5 of The Thing Comic, 1, 2, and 3 of the grant morrison superman comic, and a cool squishy toy.. an awesome replacement for blinky. It was nice visiting with ’em… It’s been over a decade since I’ve seen ’em. ’94, I think. We spoke about the usual.. fmaily, firneds, comics, livejournal, sushi, the appropriateness of naming a flower shop “adam and eve” -quoth kat “I’d like some apple blossoms, please!”, the danger of shrimp trucks.

Squishy octopus is pretty awesome, and he looks more durable than Blinky – hidden inside his swirling, glittery maw, are the two ultimate yin yang of good/evil of the deep… a great white shark and bottle nose dolphin, eternally battling inside the octocosm.

Unsquished octopus thingie. Added bonus, he’s orange.

Squished – blue fluid with glitter in mouth.

Dolphin inside!

Shark inside!

I didn’t give ’em the Dr. Who dvd, because I didn’t know we were doing lunch until mid-morning. If I was a cool guy, I’d drop it in the mail for them to come home to… or I can try and ge tthe first ep of th enew season on Sat, first.

If I wasn’t a dolt, I’d have taken pictures but I was too busy enjoying their company to remember my camera. Tomorrow they’re off ot tampa, and I doubt I’ll ge tot visit again before they head back to the lone star state. I look forward to seeing them again sometime soon.

Kudos to Mandy on her first day at the Chem lab!

Kev took a job doing programming as a civilian for the DoD at Gitmo. (The same place Hav used to do his gig.) Sounds like a sweet deal.. they’re training him, giving security clearance, paying for his lodging.. (everything but food and phone) great pay too.. only downside is, well.. it’s Cuba. He’ll get time off and such, but he can’t bring the puppies or kitties with him, either. (That’d be a deal breaker for me).. It’s about a 2 hour flight from here, so returning won’t be much of an issue on holiday. (about a month off every year).

I’m really happy for him.. he’s finally doing something worthwhile, well-paying, and for a boss he respects. I suspect he’ll really flourish there. He’s heading out there ein June, so we’ve got to have a few “fart parties” before he’s off to points south. I really would love for him to tell the pilot “TAKE THIS PLANE TO CUBA!”, but that’s probably a bad first impression.

AB was fired yesterday – wasn’t cutting it. RP will be out new agent ni Michigan… I think she’ll do a good job. RI is off to Texas for a week, and I think we’ll all get things done. It’ll be nice to have a new tech outside of the state.

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