8293 (looks like some sort of math pattern. 041526374 and back to 8293)

KittenAuth Test – best human vs bot security ever. (via waxy)

KittenAuth is a new system for human-checking that forgoes all the useless random string crap that people cannot read, and replaces the whole lot with pictures of cute animals.

The current 9*9 design displays 9 pictures and requires that the user clicks 3 pictures of kittens. The location of the kittens in the grid is random and to make things more fun the contents of the pictures changes too.

Wider view of the triffid tree highlighted here

What to do? Where to go?

Maybe a trip south to Miami? North to Palm Beach? Just Stay home and do laundry, fool on the internet and play with Baron von Newtonstien?

A few basic appointments today… Cleaning lady, Newt’s Checkup, but after 1 or so, I should be free. I have wanderlust, but no urge to do any actual walking. Perhaps a bike ride is in order. I’ll have it worked out by the time Rosemary leaves.

Whoops, Cleaning lady’s going to be here soon, time for me to fix up a bit beforeI head to the porch.

Time for me to vamoose. Until later, dear Journal!

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