8253 – quick recap

Samuel L Jackson on Ellen on SNAKES ON A PLANE (youtube)

St. Patty’s plans got sacked for me at the last minute, this time, Mom and Wilt just had far too much to handle before launching this morning for parts south. Instead, I opted to go to Bonefish Mac’s, a place run by one of RR’s pals. IT was pretty festive and fun, though it wasn’t terribly Irish…. no green beer, though I did have a couple of Heinekins in green bottles with my grilled cheese and veggie-wich. Met some friendly folk there, and Bethany gave me her digits. (Ulterior motives, though – she needs her computer updated. Still, she’s nice, and fun to talk to, so it’d be good to get a buddy that’s a local.)

Was reminded that I can get tossed into a crew of random-folk and come out of it with a lot of comfortable conversation. That was a big win, and there were no real jerky-types at all… only one downer guy, Robert, a tile-worker / carpenter from Pennsylvania, having trouble finding work. I cave him Wilt’s card for renovations, etc… maybe he’s worth a shot as labor. He’ll have to wait a week for Wilt to return, but aside from that, I think Robert’s chances are good for finding a basic gig.

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