8250 – Happy St. Patty’s!

BEIJING (Reuters) – Police in eastern China can tap the country’s first human body odour bank to help their dogs get a nose for criminals, Xinhua news agency said.
The facility in the city of Nanjing has a collection of 500 different smells, meant for comparison with samples taken from crime scenes. They are kept on ice — at minus 18 degrees Celsius (0 degrees F).

“This way the scent sample can maintain its freshness for at least three years,” bank founder Song Zhenhua was quoted as saying in the overnight report.

Only odors that elicit identical reactions from at least three trained crime dogs will pass muster for a place in the bank’s vaults, Xinhua said.

Xinhua did not explain how the smells would be captured or stored. In other countries that use olfactory forensic evidence, odours are taken from clothing or collected using gauze pads and airtight plastic containers.

Taught Gabe how to use Nero and bittorrent yesterday, so he can snag tv shows and remix his music cds. I think he’s pretty happy with the result. I also cleaned up his dirty whore of a computer (full of so many Trojans and viruses, it had to be seen to be believed). The system is slow, but pretty bulletproof now. No more spyware!

I was fed a tasty baked ziti and salad, and was given a white chocolate easter bunny to take home along with the remainder of the ziti pan. (They’re having meaty-ziti tomorrow for dinner, while mine is all veggies)

The whole family is looking good… losing weight and happier now that RS is working from home, and able to keep a tighter reign on sirinety’s health.

Stayed up too late.. got home about 10:30, past my personal weeknight curfew. (Thanks to my staying late at work, and missing the 5pm route to RS’s)

Happy St. Patty’s, All you Irish!
(And I think everyone is Irish today.)

Happy Saint Patty's!

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