8242 – Walkies on Sunday.

Walkabout on Sunday was good, I got more color, but think I dodged the burn bullet again. The ball cap let my nose still get a little red, however.

I walked to Mizner Park, just to check out the place, and it’s fared for the worse. I used to live behind there, and liked it a lot… but now, there are no bookstores.. (liberties is gone!), the international museum of cartoon art has been gutted, and the two cool wacky-weirdo art stores have been absorbed by other type stuff. bleh.

I’d hoped to go to my old hangout, Beany’s, for a veggie-cheese sammich with the vinaigrette that I love so well… but sadly, it was closed, but just for Sundays.

I abandoned Boca’s blandness, and retreated to the bus stop (I was too bushed to walk for a bit), and rode back to Hillsboro… and then crossed over to the 94 and hit the Deerfield mall. I stopped off for a breather at the movies… caught “The Hills Have Eyes” and was surprised. It was better than I thought. (Make no mistake, it is about mutants killing people trapped in an out-of-the-way location, but it was done well for what it was.) Afterward, I stopped off at EB and picked up a copy of counterstrike:source on sale. I’m looking forward to playing multi with hav and kev once I polish my skills a bit.

Roaming area, (note, some was done by bus. I walked about another 8 miles.)

I made a lot of use of autostitch today, clicking on the pictures makes them larger, as usual.

Pictures from walkabout –


unicorn and a 3-story tower of teacups! at the Boca museum ‘f art.


Multi-colored turtle! I really liked this one, painted by a bunch of kids.


Walking away from Mizner park, looking for Boca comics. never found it.

mephisto shoes

Fine shoes… but what cost? YOUR SOUL??


Went to See “The Hills Have Eyes” – Surprisingly effective horror flick. done better than I was expecting.


Hand painted dolphin, with shells guled on for patterns. done by kids.


Another painted dolphin. groovy. 😀


closed due to hurricane… 4-5 mos later??


The auditorium was setting up for a stage show of the big comfy couch. Not my loonette, some blond gal was doing a rehearsal while I was there. She had a good voice.

Shamrock Shakes are back! (and Matt’s got a review that’s great, as usual)

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