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German Engineering in der haus, ya. Router took a nosedive last night, had to reconfigure it and the modem (took about 30 min of setup and testing.. just pesky)… and hp’s system went kerflooie, too.

Kimberly Clark is now offering a new type of toilet paper designed to train kids on how much toilet paper to use.

Cottonelle For Kids has doggie tracks printed on the toilet paper, and at roughly every five sheets is a cartoon drawing of a dog. Parents are instructed to teach their children to follow the tracks and then tear off at the dog.

Your moment of Scotto hippie tree-hugging upset – via flablog

A roundup of recent editorials on the Ocala National Forest part of the sale:

+ Daytona Beach News-Journal: Endangered lands — From almost any public-minded perspective, President Bush’s plan to sell off up to 300,000 acres in the national forest system and 500,000acres within the Bureau of Land Management is a mistake. From some vantage points, it looks like an outright scam.

+ Ocala Star-Banner: Fire sale of forest is recklessThe idea of selling off chunks of our national forests as a one-time budgetary stopgap, as the Bush administration is proposing, is shortsighted fiscal policy that would set a dangerous precedent.Selling off 973 acres of Ocala National Forest land as part of the proposed 306,000-acre dispersal in 41 states, is also environmentally reckless.

+ Orlando Sentinel: A land grabthe bush administration wants to support “rural education” by selling300,000 acres of forestland, including almost 1,000 acres in the Ocala National Forest. Doesn’t this rob the communities of the very thing that defines them as rural? Are we missing something here?

+ St. Pete Times: Taxing our forestspresident bush’s disdain for our national forests has hit a new low. First he made it easier for the timber industry to log public forests under a program mockingly named Healthy Forests. Now Bush wants to sell off pieces of national forests in 35 states, including Florida, for development.

For several weeks web journalists have been linking to a compilation page by Paul English, who took it upon himself to put together a list of how to bypass corporations’ voice mail systems to talk to a real person.

The site became extremely popular, so now English has created a new site called gethuman, which lets consumers report how it is to deal with companies.

A major part of this site is the gethuman database,which is the phone number list for stores, utilities, insurance companies, credit card companies, and lots more. In many cases the instructions say to just hit ‘zero’ or say ‘representative’ but for some companies there is an actual phone number that goes straight to a person. There’s also a useful page of tips on how to deal with companies in general.

If you’d run across the phone list before, note you’ll need to change your bookmark to the new gethuman address. (thanks, Liz!)

Moment of Lyric – mp3

Day is ending
Birds are wending
Back to their shelter of
Each little nest they love

Nightshade’s falling
Lovebirds calling
What makes the world go round
Nothing but love

When Whippoorwills call
And evening is nigh
I hurry to my blue heaven
I turn to the right
A little white light
Will lead you to my blue heaven

You’ll see a smiling face
A fireplace, a cozy room
A little nest
That’s nestled where the roses bloom

Just Molly and me
And baby makes three
We’re happy in my blue heaven

You’ll see a smiling face
A fireplace, a cozy room
A little nest
That’s nestled where the roses bloom

Just Molly and me
And baby makes three
We’re happy in my blue heaven

We’re happy in my blue heaven

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