8187 – When the lion roars and the wind blows, who knows what might happen?

The new Lego Factory service “lets you create your very own Lego set. Lego Factory starts with a downloadable 3-D modeling program that lets you design your virtual toy using as many bricks as you want (then) order the kit for your creation, complete with assembly instruction booklet.”

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This is two kittens in a barrel, look at them in there, having a whale of a time. You see the one on the left? He’s called Phillip. Now when you look into Phillip’s eyes your anger will recede like an ocean…..

So, LS left – would prefer to do temp work than stay another day. I wonder how all of this hubbub is hitting our two newest members? I’d hate for them to lose morale the first week in.

Moment of Lyric (mp3 available here, via BcKev’s mother box)

It’s a long way down
We’re leaning over the side
Far beyond now
The days go dark in turn

We’re a long way out
We’re turning in uneven sun
Long after life
This world, still blue, still turns

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