8164 – Last day of the long weekend, taking it slow.

The birthday FP with Kev and Tomi was fun – we watched Die Hard, an episode of Lost (they’re just getting into it – it was the Kate bank-robber one), Wedding Crashers (which was better than I thought it’d be), and played some xbox: “From Russia With Love” and “Lego Star Wars” – both of which were a great load of fun, and nifty interpretations of the source material. The Bond game had especially good sound and sets, and Lego probably would have the most repeat gameplay, if I had any talent at all for the pod racing pat of the game. The pizza was good, I’d not had the Papa Johns Square pie before, and it was pretty yummo.

Got Gun as a b’day prezzie, and I look forward to playing it once big brain returns.

Bailey-pooch won “cutest in menagerie” – Kev’s got a lot of critters staying at his house right now – three dogs, four cats, two fish, his sister, her husband, their three daughters and one son, plus Tomi. Moneypenny, the runt mainecoon (2 years old and all of seven lbs) was a close second.

Bailey with the airplane ears. They naturally stick out like that at rest,
but can go to full attention if need be. She’s a little snuggle bug.

It’ll probably be the last time for Tomi in the USA, probably – his sis and her hubby are moving to New Zealand. Just an excuse for me to go to Finland then!I now have buddies in Iceland, Norway and Finland to visit now. Maybe I should invest in a few items of cold-weather gear.

train ridetrain ride
train ridetrain ride
train ridetrain ride
train ridetrain ride

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