8104 – system still out for repair.

GeotargetThis card is my problem with compusa, along with really poor communication or support /offering of alternatives.

In a nutshell, it’s been since November 10th that my Computer has been at the shop… everything else needing repair is fixed according to them.

Verto GeForce FX 5950 Ultra Video Card, AGP, 256MB DDR
Manufacturer: PNY   
Mfg Part #: VCGFX595APB
Product Number: 308120

However, that bad boy has been out of stock at the manufacturer, and at all known compusa stores in a 50-mile radius for the last 8 weeks.

With a $500 price tag, I’m obliged to wait, because I really can’t drop that chunk of change on something that I should be getting under warranty.

The guys at the shop have given me two timelines, both of which have passed, now. I’m not quite sure what I can do, save for waiting.

Meanwhile, I have to do my work on poor ol’ Battered lappie, My Toshiba satillite back from a time when Windows Me (I’ve long since replaced that with win2k pro) was “cutting edge”.

I’d say that the only time I’ve had worse customer service/ communication was with Comcast… I have since boycotted them, though I’ve heard that they might not be so bad in other areas outside of SoFla.

Not having big brain has cost me some very significant social chat and play time in 2nd Life, LAN party activities with the old FMM crowd are out of the picture… plus, all of my downloaded movies / Netflix DVD archives are ground to a halt while the machine is gone… not to mention a lack of Newtcam.

I never realised how many people watched good ol’ Newt during the day… I’ve gotten somthing like 80 emails politely requesting when he’ll be back online again. If Big Brain is down another week, I’ll hook Newtcam up to Lappie so folks can get an orange kitty fix.

I can only imagine what happens when pretty girls shut off their webcams. I suspect horny stalker-type guys aren’t nearly as polite as cat fanciers.

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