8101 – More spidey for you.

Geotargethere’s the full fansubbed first episode of the spiderman tv show – I’ve hosted it on youtube for ease of viewing and bandwidth issues. (The fans have taken a lot of liberties with the translation, but it’s all for fun.)

My gift to GrayPumpkin, Kat, and BeauCoupKev.

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?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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I Am
Destiny, fortune, luck, success. The 4 elements. Unexpected turn of luck.
In the midst of sky and clouds is the disk of Tarot with the letters of the Divine Name placed between. At the corners are the four guardians of the earth: the eagle, the man, the bull and the lion. The disk is in movement signifying constant change and transformation. The sphinx atop the wheel holds the sword of discernment and represents balance in the midst of unending fluidity.
Which tarot card are you?

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Which Horror Movie Are You?

The Silence Of The Lambs
You’re a thinker, a creator, and a very psychological person. You enjoy learning about other people, whether it is to befriend them, or to destory them. You take pride in being you, although you sometimes can get fed up with even yourself. You’re an extremely intelligent person, but don’t let your mind get the best of you. You’re smarter than you think.

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What is your Paranormal gift?

Reading minds… what am I thinking? Hehe, just kidding. But you always know what others are thinking, if you want. You can be a smart alec at times but you don’t care, because you probably know everybodies secrets and have a smug little smirk on your face. Oh well, just don’t abuse it. O.o

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