8091 – vortiginous entry

GeotargetRS thinks that I have some big secret plans for the weekend, I think because I let her go on about her weekend plans and whatnot, and then we got to talking about something else. Nope, nothing special planned… just sleeping in and lingering around the neighborhood, doing more walkies if I can. No glamorous binges on booze and loose women, just a nice weekend out and about.

FDLE coming by the office on Monday morning, FBI Tuesday, and who knows what Wednesday will bring? Maybe big brain, ha-ha? I’m glad that HP has been as patient with me as possible.

I was so beat last night that I fell asleep at 8:30… woke up at 4ish am as a result. I suspect my weekend might be a little out of whack as a result. A bit too brisk out for a swim in the pool… maybe after the sun rises.

I find it amazing that my electric bill for the new one bedroom is less than my old studio… the old place must’ve not been very well weather sealed. $70 is almost a third less than what I paid last January. Also, automatic billpay is beautiful. I just get an email a week before it’s paid, so I can update my records, and hey, presto!

Laser pointer is nifty in the early morning fog… the line goes on for a huge distance.

Dopey dreams of work last night…I don’t much like it when the daily mundane starts stepping on areas that usually allow for people being changed into modular string bean / sabre-toothed tiger stereo components. Most of the drama that I was expecting to happen didn’t occur yesterday, so maybe that was why it was pressing on the brain. Next Friday will be considerably different, and I expect the company to have some drastic changes in one way or another by February.

May be getting together with Bro tomorrow, if plans stay on track. I think a beach walk is in order, or maybe a bike trip.

word of the day: fabiform – shaped like a bean

Speaking of words, I never seem to get a good opportunity to use the term “vortex”. (not to mention – vortical, vorticose, vorticular or vortiginous) Like kissing a woman’s hand, it’s either too much, or not enough.

Windows update now has an official security patch for the wmf vulnerability…update your system normally, and you’ll no longer need that patch posted earlier. To delete the old patch, go to the control panel, add/remove programs – It will be in the list of installed programs as “Windows WMFMetafile Vulnerability HotFix”. click on change/remove, and once it’s out, reboot. all done!

Those Yahoo ads are earning about $0.56 a day lately, down from an overall average of about $2.69 a day. (one insane day 12/15 that got nuts threw off the average.. $19.68) .. but most days haven’t broken a dollar. Upside, there has only been one day when *nothing* was earned since I started hosting them. That plus the $50 flat I get each month from my static front page linkies every month makes for a nice charity lump sum base.

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