8089 – Friday at last!

GeotargetCompUSA called me today, apologizing profusely. He said that it was still on back order, but it will take between one and two *MORE* weeks to arrive. I asked him what could be done to expedite things, and he responded that he was very sorry, but really nothing.. that they didn’t even have a loaner machine to let me chew on while I dealt with things. I’m really pretty exasperated at the whole situation.

Today at work, there will be a few confrontations, and I’m not part of any of them. I suspect they may turn ugly. Detail to follow tomorrow or Monday, no doubt.

R.I.P. Chuck Zink

I remember watching the Skipper Chuck show right before school. There isn’t a Floridian who was a kid between 1959 and 1979 who doesn’t remember Chuck Zink and his show. It was truly part of South Florida, and Mr. Zink will be sorely missed. I encountered his show when my family was living in Marathon. Thank you Mr. Zink for doing your part in making our world a better place. Peace, Love and Happiness to you on your journey.

I don’t know a lot of Florida Natives… Kat and Kev are the only two folks I can think of off of the top of my head who might remember the show.

moore haven…clewiston…la belle…big cypress seminole reservation…belle glade…west palm beach…naples…immokalee…miccosukee indian reservation…fort lauderdale…shark valley…miami…flamingo

…near freezing temperatures possible over inland areas Saturday and Sunday mornings…

a strong cold front will move through South Florida Friday morning…bringing the coldest air of winter season so far. patchy frost…and near freezing temperatures are likely over interior areas of South Florida Saturday morning…with an even better chance of freezing temperatures on Sunday morning.

breezy conditions will persist behind the front into Friday night.this will create wind chills in the 30s over most areas.however…winds will diminish over interior areas during the early morning. in protected areas around glades…hendry and inland collier counties…the winds may decrease enough to allow patchy frost to form and temperatures to dip to just above freezing.

for sunday morning…high pressure will build over South Florida…allowing nearly clear skies and calm winds. this will be an ideal radiational cooling situation…increasing the potential for freezing temperatures and bringing patchy frost as far south as the redlands in Miami-Dade county.

commercial growers and persons with sensitive tropical plants that experience damage from temperatures below 40 degrees may want to take action both nights to prevent any damage from the cold weather.

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