8087 – Another success for us!

GeotargetWell, as a direct result of my calls, Tabitha Lively was recovered safely in Orlando. Pretty keen.. that makes 132 recoveries in the last 46 months that are a direct result of my gig here.

The US Marshalls were very cool to work with, and FDLE was really on the ball, too (as usual). The Marshalls are up there with the FBI as far as professionalism.

I’ve already been interviewed by 3 news agencies regarding the story, and the big kahuna is loving the media attention she’s getting… Maybe this will keep her sourpuss attitude to a minumum the rest of this week. I’m just glad that I wore one of my nice new shirts to work… I’ll be interested in seeing how many errors the different agencies make in reporting… so far, I’ve never, ever seen an article get everything right with a story that I was aware of outside of the news agency.

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