8083 – Tuesday… back to work. Bleh!

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The Dan-man and I went out to an all-you-dare-eat buffet for Sushi/Thai/Chinese, and it was actually quite good. Afterward, we swung by Crabby Jacks to solve his caffeine needs and Miranda got a pretty awesome tip ($5 after a bill for $0.69 – the coffee was free and I had a draft) – after we hung out a bit and chitty-chatted. I told him a bit about my beliefs regarding meeting someone for a lifelong commitment at this point (I suspect odds of meeting someone that I have chemistry with, a minimum of emotional baggage, and a mutual appreciation of one another to be very, very, very slim.) Explained to him why Magda wasn’t a viable option, though she and I did have a nice time together. I honestly don’t know if there are any wedding bells in my future, but If I were a betting man, I know that I’d opt for “not likely.” I know good couples are out there… Dave & Cathi / GrayPumpkin & Katt are two of the best examples of two pairings as well-suited for one another for life that I can think of.

In the last decade, I’ve had the following serious relationships:

Lees – 6 months
Eryn – 3 months
April – 4 months
Rachel – 6 months
CEJ – 2ish years, Almost 3 if you count on and off time
D – A bit over a year
Mel – 3 months
Magda – 5 months (9 minus the months where she was in Columbia)

Come to think of it, I don’t have any trouble getting dates… it’s the longevity that needs work. Breakups are fairly even, an assortment of reasons, from a lack of trust to a lack of interest.

Hair-wise, we’ve got a Blond x2, Brown x3, Black x2, and a Redhead
Tattoo-wise – 6 had ink.. some got it while I was with ’em.
Politics/Attitudes – Leftx2, Modx4, Rightx2
Readers – 4 yes, 4 no
eye color – Brown – 5 Hazel -1 Blue – 2
all were fairly chesty

I’ve been proposed to on two different occasions, and I honestly thought I’d end up with CEJ for life… she was the last one that gave me those sorts of feelings.

Looking back, I do pretty well, for a serial monogamist with no vehicle of his own.

Dan got me a few very nice gifts for Christmas…. No Software this year. A used book on dinosaurs, a new copy of Pratchett’s Last Hero, a t-shirt and a zip-up shirt (both too small, unfortunately), a carrying case for a digital camera/palmtop, and some jalepeno peanuts. We tried out the Peking House restauant, but it had a bad vibe, so we went to the one we’re more fond of dining at.

Moment of Lyric – mp3 / flash video (Here’s his LJ, by the way – trapezzoid)

In an airplane, I was flying.
Just a flight attendant guy.
I can be clumsy, and I stumbled
out the door, into the sky.
Now I am falling through the air.
Wind and regret flow through my hair.
All I can do right now is stare down at the ocean.
Suddenly, there’s a ring in my cell phone. I pick it up.
It’s the Angel of Death, and he says “Wazzup?”
I say, “What is it this time?”
And he’s like “Well, hello, goodbye, I’ll see you in Hell.”
He can be like that sometimes, he’s such a nut.
So I snicker and say, “I’d love to, but
gravity’s calling, I’ve got some falling to do.”
I’m in a state of shock, but it’s something new.
I guess it all depends on your point of view. It’s true.
This is boring… Yes, I’m falling,
but it’s taking quite a while.
My destination is impending.
Might as well go out in style.
I put my arms out to the skies,
whistle a tune and close my eyes,
trying to briefly realize perpetual motion.
Suddenly, giant tentacles rise from the open sea,
and with total precision they lasso me.
It’s a monstrous squid and he saved my life,
but I am too freaked out to be nice.
So I tell him the truth, that I’d rather fall.
No offense but at least it’s predictable.
Gotta stop stalling, I’ve got some falling to do.
I’m probably gonna die, but it’s something new.
I guess it all depends on your point of view. It’s true.

Big Hole Simulator

Uses the Google Maps API to tell you where you’d end up if you started digging a hole through the Earth at a certain geographic point. (thanks, qdot!)

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