8035 – Check it out now, funk soul brother

GeotargetHalf day today, out at noon. That’ll give me time to pick up something for the momster and wilt.

Get together with kev yesterday was postponed to another day by the server going down. I hope to catch up with him over the weekend, sometime.

It is our pleasure to present the Carol of the Chins, our interactive holiday gift to you. Happy Holidays!

Best photos of 2005 – Reuters showcase

A Christmas Grow (not as detailed as the others, but still some nifty variations)

Dan’s off with his Mrs. to Connecticut today… visiting his sis and family up there. Janet actually reads my lj once in a while, now… just sent me a holiday greeting in “mouse singing” entry.

Foamy on Christmas. (language warning, rerun from last year, but still jim-dandy.)

mp3 of my current music mashupvia

Check out – Gwen vs. Queen – Holla Back Queen (Fidelski’s Remix), too. Smooth blend!

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