8014 – I’m not as old as some, but older than others.

yoinked from christin

Ok, are you sick of all these surveys that are obviously made by teenagers, with questions like “Have you ever stayed out all night?” Who cares? Well, I guess when you’re 14 that’s a big deal. So here is a survey for adults cause there are some of us out there you know.

For the adults:

Check all that pertain! (I’m putting my own filler in parens after)

[X] I have a job. (I’ve had a job with a paycheck since I was 16, babysitting regularly and whatnot since I was 12.)

[ ] I have a car payment.

[X] I have a house payment/rent to pay. (Just got a Mortgage! Later, Rent!)

[] I’ve made a house or car payment late.

[ ] I’ve had a car reposessed.

[X] I know my credit score. (I do, and it’s *very* interesting how malleable those things are.)

[ ] I have kid(s). (Well, Newt, but I assume they mean human children.)

[ ] I have kids by more than one person.

[ ] I pay child support.

[ ] I’m married.

[ ] I’ve been divorced.

[X] I’m 30 or older and haven’t been married.

[X] I have toys from my childhood that are older than half of myspace/livejournal. (See Cookie Monster Circa 1974)

[x] I remember when David Lee Roth left Van Halen. (I remembe rnot caring, then, too.)

[x] I saw “E.T.” at the cinema. (Yup! Back wehn the G-men had guns, not walkie-talkies!)

[x] Fraggle Rock. (Not as huge a fan as some, but I did like the theme.)

[x] “Where’s the Beef?” (I got really sick of this. And this century’s equal, “Yeah, baby, Yeah. Groovy, baby.”

[x] The two Coreys. (Good in Lost boys… boring in everytihng else.)

[x] Garbage Pail Kids. (Awesome fun, grossness, but I liked wacky packages better)

[X] I’ve found grey/white hairs. (Dern tootin’! Newt has White whiskers, too, and he’s still a baby!)

[ ] I have aches and/or pains for no apparent reason. (Actually, I can gess the reasons for mine.)

[x] I’ve uttered the phrase “Kids these days…” (Especially sass-mouths.)

[x] I’ve uttered the phrase “When *I* was a kid…” (Especially regarding sass-mouths)

[X] I think current teen fashion is laughable, but I own something from the 80’s or early 90’s thats equally lame. (*all fashion is laughable!*)

[X] I know off the top of my head who Crockett and Tubbs are. (awesome theme music, too.)

[x] “Capital Gains tax”, “401k”, and “Homestead exemption” all mean something to me. (I want #2, and am grateful for #3)

[x] I remember when it was just “Star Trek”. (Yup. I remember a time before the movies, and vaguely when the cartoon first aired!)

[x] I had a Trapper Keeper. (Many. They are Awesome.)

[x] I know what “Reaganomics” was.  (supply side, my fanny.)

[x] I remember when Michael Jackson was black. (I remember when he wasn’t creepy, either.)

[x] I remember Max Headroom. (Great show! One of my faves of that period.)

[x] I know who killed Laura Palmer. (Blah. Twin peaks let me down. Cool weirdness that was stretched too thin… I fear for LOST)

[x] I remember when VCRs were a “new gadget”. (And cassettes, and CDs!)

[x] I remember Atari. (Long live the New Flesh!)

[x] I remember when the only anime show you could watch was Robotech. (And we were better for it.)

[x] I remember when there was no such thing as a computer in schools. (and no vcr!)

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