8013 – friday five, ganked form eryx_uk again!

Geotarget1. What’s your favorite radio station?

Well, internet radio… Country fried hot rod is pretty fun.I’m also currently jamming to X-entertainment’s Christmas Mix

2. How would you describe the format?

Rockabilly,  Hillbilly, & 50’s stuff, and the othe ris Some great holiday-themed stuff. PeeWee Herman and Charo, Pogues, and more.

3. Do you think satellite radio will become commonplace, like subscribing to cable TV?

I suspect so, but it will probably have a much more limited appeal.

4. Have you thought about buying a satellite radio subscription?

Yes, but I’ve also thought about having inflatable hair that you can tie like balloon animals. That doesn’t mean I want it.

5. When is the last time you said goodbye?

To Newt this morning, before AM launch. Well, I actually said “Later, Tater,” but I meant goodbye.

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