7977 – a meme before breakfast.

1. What’s your name?
Most folks call me Scotto or Scott or Big Guy or Dude! or Hun.

2. Favorite fright:
Probably the most effective were the jump-scenes in Poltergeist or Alien when I was a kid. I rather like Hitchcock’s stuff now.

3. Got any weird phobias/hangups?
I’d think that we all do! I get a little vertigo when I look straight *up* at something rather than down at a depth. I also stay close to the wall rather than a banister near a ledge or deep fall. My greatest personal fear is suffering at the hands of an incompetent.. whether it’s a doctor after an accident, or a fry cook dropping hairs into my onion rings. I don’t like the idea of someone “helping” me while being unqualified for the task. People mishandling guns near me. People who cheat on their partners physically disgust me.

4. Who’s the best James Bond? Come on, now. It’s obviously…
Sean Connery – though Roger Moore was the best Saint.

5. Pick a happy childhood memory.
Here’s one! – dad packs lunch & tonka trucks

6. Who was your first ever crush?
My babysitter’s friend Patty, I think. Or Diana Horton, my first “girlfriend” in first grade. Not sure which I had a big hug-fondness for. I wonder where either of them are now?

7. Favorite bands/singers:
Talking Heads, They Might be Giants, Soul Coughing, Cake, Concrete Blonde, Beach Boys, Grateful Dead, many, many more.

8. If you could have one material thing besides money… and just for kicks (in other words, nothing you desperately need), what would it be?
A personal masseuse/maid would be nice. Someone to work my shoulders, back and feet and then clean up the apartment.

9. Current celebrity crush(es)?
Hm… lots of attractive people out there, but no celeb girls that I’m currently “crushing” on.

10. Wisest thing anyone’s ever said to you:
“Pick your battles” (not that I always follow that advice.)

I'm Naboo!
I’m Naboo!
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