7973 – It’s December!

GeotargetOk.. ’tis the season now, I guess… Not sure if I should trot out the Santa Scotto, xmas sleestak, or just stick with starry-eyed. I should probably drag out the December background image too. Pretty basic, just added a starry night.

Danny and I are going to check out a gaming convention taking place at Nova Southeastern this Saturday. Warhammer, MtG, GURPS, etc. Maybe I’ll get a game of Zombies!! in… or Maybe I’ll see Jeff and B there.

KT at work got $850 from FEMA as a result of following those post Wilma links I posted… I got big thanks at work yesterday as a result.

Herm Cracked me up with her latest gauzy, yet shiny noggin-photo from 2L… man, I’m missing that place (and playing/gabbin’ with her, especially!)

One of my fave holiday icons not seen on my reading list proper –


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