written on the bus & riverwalk 7898

written on the bus & riverwalk
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saw Sasha yesterday for a little dinner and catcup conversation. I let her know about Magda’s return on November 25th, and the new condo — she told me about Gil, Sonya and Steve quitting the club… not to mention Susie and M getting the boot. Chris was promoted to manager on Sunday / Mondays, plus Melissa and Longhair still bartend and serve respectively. I could quite easily fall back into being the club’s Sunday “Norm!”, now that the bald IKON boneheads have bailed on the place. Tougher to get there from Deerfield, but worth it, I think.

Bro came by to pick up his guitar and amp… I told him to pick up the rest of his stuff before 12/1, because I’d be moving. He just told me to leave it at the Momster’s. I told him he’d have to work that out himself, and we argued a bit. I think a month’s notice to find a place for his stuff after being storage over and above 2 years is more than reasonable.

Note, he only calls when he wants something, and then it’s practically hourly voicemails.

I don’t think that I’ll pass my mailing address on to him, just let him know I’m in Deerfield.

Saw Chicken Little (any excuse for a/c instead of the muggy apt… semi-blah, but had quite a few fun moments. Not as good as Wallace & Gromit, but fared better than Robots. (Plus, Joan Cusack voice, who I adore.)

crescent moon is out with a single bright star right now… cool breezes and sunset reminds me why I dig Florida.

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