7972 – foggy morning

foggy morning
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11/30/05 6:38 am

brighter outside now. At 6 there was no natural light, and the street lamps

made glowing tent-cones every half-block or so, headlamps on cars sending

matched pairs of gold will-o-wisps coming my way, or a floating red bar

streaking off into the night.

I’d say visibility before dawn was a hazy 200 feet. Folks on the sidewalk

did a gradual fade-in… picking up facial features was difficult until

you’re close enough to say good morning. It was a bit like being on the set

of a cheesy twilight zone episode about the afterlife, or maybe a zombie

movie opening.

I dreamt that I could harden my eyebrows, and shoot the hairs beneath my

forehead like dozens of sharpened darts. Someone saw that I was missing a

few, and called out to me – “yo! vanilla ice!” They were brow-shot shortly

afterward, a volley of needle-sharp hairs plunged into the offender’s


I launched the needle-brow attack by doing the lee majors arch. no

nah-nuh-nah-nah sound effects, though.

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