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GeotargetPost six weird and random facts about yourself, then at the end, list the names of five other people who are next in line to do this.

   1. I very nearly became a professional clown, and actually got a scholarship to clown college back in the day. I opted out because I figured I’d make more money doing less physical labor in the computer field, and sometimes wish that I had run off to the circus, especially with Paige and Michelle. I wonder what P & M are up to these days? Classmated.com had Paige with a fresh last name. I still find many clown-girls mega-hot. See jenlux as an example of a gorgeous clown-gal.

( and ) I mean really. What’s not to like?

   2. My will is amazingly variable in strength… I’d make a lousy Green Lantern. On some things I’m steadfast and on others, I bend like a reed in the wind.

   3. I notice the shapes of my food, and I seem to prefer stuff that is round over things that are square. all things being equal, I prefer cylindrical or semi-circle ice to cubes. I like round pies more than square cakes. (brownies may have cookies beat.) I like sammiches more on a hoagie roll rather than on slices of bread. goldfish crackers and pretzels beat triangle and square shaped chips, generally. Baked potato is preferable to french fries. Also, curly fries beat straights.

   4. My favorite simple machine is the lever. Also, the word fulcrum makes me laugh.

   5. I’ve been given free lap dances because the strip club was cold, and I looked nice and warm. More than once, and with more than one dancer, and more than one club. Ah, the good old days of my misspent youth. I am still warm, and have a comfortable lap.

   6.  my top 10 mythical creatures of the moment –

  • Helpful shoemaker elves.
  • Giant Alligators in Sewers
  • Animated Scarecrows, especially those with pumpkin-heads.
  • Phantoms that give a useful message.
  • Werecritters (especially those that aren’t wolves… like “Were-swarm of butterflies”)
  • Chupacabras
  • Zombies (and subset – Mummies)
  • The Boogie man.
  • Nessie & other lake dinosaurs
  • Yeti (and subset Sasquatch/Skunk ape)

I’m not tagging anyone, but I’d like to see the meme fly.

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