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GeotargetHOWTO make an LED tank-top that plays the Game of Life

see also – LED Slippers. (I could’ve used those during the power outage)

K&K Mime Ministries – Hard-hitting gospel ministry through mime.

Heck, I know I’d check it out, but I’m a little off that way. It’s got to be better than Bibleman.

“Strange but true”-sounding lie of the day: In 103 AD, the Roman emperor Clavicus had a temple built to worship his favorite type of pastry.

Why didn’t *anyone* tell me that the Doom Patrol showed up this season on the Teen Titans? (Plus, they’re fighting the Brotherhood of Evil!) That was my big hope once I’d heard that the cartoon was launched! Once again, I thank bittorrent for speedy access to TV I’ve missed.

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don’t really try to seduce people… it just seems to happen.
Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.
You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious – a hard combo to find!
People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.
Slacker Kid

High school was a place you showed up occasionally, but you didn’t really leave a mark.

You hated rules, authority, and structure. In fact, you still do.

You scored as classical. you’re pretty classic yourself. you seem like a calm, intelligent person. you probably have a great vocabulary and get along with most people because you’re really sweet.



experimental rock


punk rock


hair metal/rock & roll/heavy metal






indie rock/elitist






pop punk


what genre of music do you act like? (this is really long)
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X-ing true stuff –

[ ] I am bisexual or homosexual.
[x] I’ve run away from home.
[x] I have lied to my parents about where I am.
[ ] I listen to political music.
[ ] I collect comic books.
[ ] I shut others out when I’m depressed.
[x] I open up to others easily.
[ ] I am keeping a secret from the world.
[x] I watch the news.
[ ] I own over 5 rap CDs.
[x] I own an iPod or MP3 player
[ ] I own something from Hot Topic
[x] I love Disney Movies.
[ ] I am a sucker for hair/eyes.
[x] I don’t kill bugs. (Newt does, though)
[ ] I curse randomly.
[ ] I paid for that cell phone ring.
[ ] I am a sports fanatic.
[ ] I have one x in my screen name.
[ ] I have multiple x’s in my screen name.
[ ] I’ve slipped out an AIM word [lol, brb, etc.] in a real conversation.
[ ] I love Spam.
[ ] I bake well.
[ ] I would wear pajamas to school.
[x] I own something from Abercrombie. (A&F fierce cologne)
[x] I have a job
[ ] I love Martha Stewart.
[ ] I am in love with love.
[ ] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
[x] I am self-conscious. (to a degree)
[x] I like to laugh.
[ ] I smoke a pack a day.
[ ] I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower.
[ ] I loved Go Ask Alice.
[ ] I have cough drops when I’m not sick.
[ ] I can’t swallow pills.
[ ] I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem
[x] I eat fast food weekly
[ ] I have many scars
[x] I’ve been out of this country.
[ ] I can’t sleep if there is a spider in the room
[ ] I am really ticklish.
[ ] I see a therapist.
[ ] I love white chocolate.
[ ] I bite my nails.
[x] I am comfortable with being me.
[x] I play video games.
[x] I’m single
[ ] I have gotten lost in my city.
[x] I have seen a shooting star
[ ] I have not been to any other countries besides the united states
[x] I Had a serious Surgery
[ ] I have gone out in public in my pajamas
[ ] I have kissed a Stranger
[x] I have hugged a stranger
[x] I have been in a fist fight
[ ] Been arrested
[x] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
[ ] Made out in an elevator
[x] Swore at your parents
[ ] Kicked a guy where it hurts
[x] Been close to love
[x] Been to a casino
[ ] Been skydiving
[x] Broken a bone
[x] Skipped school
[ ] Flashed someone
[ ] Saw a therapist
[ ] Played spin the bottle
[x] Gotten stitches
[ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
[x] Bitten someone
[ ] Been to Niagara Falls
[x] Gotten the chicken pox
[ ] Crashed into a friend’s car
[ ] Been to Japan
[x]Ridden in a taxi
[x] Shoplifted
[x] Been fired
[ ] Had a crush on someone of the same sex
[x] Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back
[x] Stole something from your job
[ ] Gone on a blind date
[x] Lied to a friend
[x] Had a crush on a teacher
[ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans
[x] Been to Europe
[ ] Been married
[ ] Gotten divorced
[ ] Had children
[x] Saw someone dying
[ ] Been to Africa
[x] Driven over 400 miles in one day
[ ] Been to Canada
[x] Been to Mexico
[x] Been on a plane
[x] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
[ ] Thrown up in a bar
[x] Eaten Sushi
[ ] Been snowboarding
[x] Been water skiing
[x] Met someone in person from the internet
[x] Dated someone outside your race
[x] Slept with someone outside your race
[ ] Been to a motocross show
[ ] Lost a child
[x] Done hard drugs
[x] Taken painkillers
[ ] Had someone cheat on you
[x] Miss someone right now
[ ] Eaten a stick of butter

Newt Yawning and stretching –


A hint that I’m getting older… I sympathize with Red from “That 70s Show” just about every time I spot him channel flipping.

The Revised Cyberman design for Dr. Who looks keen. I wonder if they’ll be using cybertmats again? The cybermen will be the baddies in the Christmas special.

I guess an Iron Man movie wouldn’t look so goofy after all.

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