7730 – 2nd life is getting pretty awesome.

Imageshack keeps thumbnails, but kills the large images? doesn’t seem right!

Interesting that most people on my last lj-poll (including myself) want to be physically unharmed/physically healthy. I wonder if it’s because most of the people I read are more mentally/emotionally resilient, or if it’s because there aren’t any nerve endings involved?

Lovely Walkabout during the early evening… Didn’t hit the water bus or galleria, but I got some prime hoofing in up and down riverwalk and to the beach before heading home. Only one photo… a positive graffito –


Smiles! Mr. Roark is tagging these days!

Um, what was that, Hal? Icon of the day.


That poll-meme has put me on the trail of some really great music! Thanks!

Java – super Mario world. Impressive!

Spent a boatload of time in 2nd Life yesterday… HP and I had a grand time in the “Burning Life” (Burning Man simulation realm), including areas that was a giant bounce house and assorted science experiments / art projects. A lot like There, all over again, but this seems to have more opportunity to really shine.

Click to make larger –


My standard gear. Green T-shirt, jeans, and magical, flying birkenstocks.


Hermione. My date for the evening. Got to love a woman in an evening gown and clown nose.


While in the trampoline, I added the jester hat and more trails. We went formal for the most part, save the inherent goofiness of clown noses.


Bouncing the into the sunset. HP looks like Mary Poppins! Music was “It’s Raining Men” and assorted Bee Gees.


Bouncing as the sun goes down


Resting after all that boogie and bounce.


Visuals improved a great deal once she showed me how to turn on all the extras on the graphics.. light sources, shadows, etc. I’ve got to get a sync macro for dancing.. that was great fun.

Much better than The Sims Online and There for custom stuff… all sorts of things for builders to do, without as many financial stresses. Many, many freebies that are fantastic.

Insane thunderstorm last night, blinked my power about 5 times.. just long enough to distress my router because it’s on a weakened ups/surge.

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