7727 – Nice start to the day.

Visited the club just long enough to snag the free buffet and get a nice hug from Sasha She’s now up to date about Magda – I usually update her weekly, but with the weather and my schedule, I haven’t been by the club in forever.

Nice loot bag as a side effect of the fishing tournament fund raiser. I got a backpack, ball cap, a little notepad-binder thingum and assorted pens, odds and end, and a tournament T-shirt. The bag is the best.. just the right size for commute stuff.


a long morning shadow stitched on the way to the bus. – Broward and 3rd.

got all of my paperwork done… too much.. getting things ready for last quarter is tough.

Had a nice gab with the weezle… she’s got the google talk up and running smooth as silk. I hope she’s feeling better soon.

Spending a lot of quality time in 2nd life… HP has been quite a delightful hostess and all-around good egg. We toured “burning Life” and a few other very nifty locations.

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