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Rewinding a bit. randomness. may mean nothing, first off the skull this morning before fully waking.

I remember a time before fanny packs existed. And then became trendy…and now, are rightfully back in the land of oblivion, for the most part.

I remember a time before home video games, pre atari 2600, even pre-pong. I remember when arcades were a big deal, even though they were mostly pinball machines, pool tables and maybe a space invaders or deathrace game.

My favorite games were Battlezone, Joust and Berserk. Bro was fond of Centipede, Crazy Climber and Donkey Kong. We did a good job playing cooperative Gauntlet, too.

I remember a time before I had Newt, and that I’ve become a better person as a result of adopting him… which was in no small part due to D’Art-kitty.

The was a time that I thought I was superior to most other people, because I thought myself bigger, stronger, more intelligent, and more emotionally together. I know better now, on all of those points.

There’s *always* someone more knowledgeable, more physical, more cunning or even more wealthy. That doesn’t mean they’re better or worse than anyone else, it just means they have more opportunity to make things good for everyone. If they don’t, they’re wasting resources.

I’ve learned more tolerance of people without those resources, because they have other elements that make them just as valuable. Even if that element is as basic as “they’re loved by somebody, so they must have some worth”

I’ve learned that oftentimes people put other people down just to build themselves up… and that makes the insulter look a little pathetic. I’ve also learned that humor isn’t always cruel.

I’ve learned that honesty is the best policy, having been on both sides of too many situations to count that proved the rule, time and again. That was a long time coming. Mind you, diplomacy still has it’s place.

I’ve learned that there are people in this world that are evil, predators… but they’re in the gross minority.

I’ve learned that most people are obedient, generally following all sorts of rules, because it makes the whole mechanism of society flow pretty easily. I’m still amazed that traffic signals actually work. Proof that we can coordinate on a basic level.

I remember when Calvin and Hobbes has a new cartoon every day. And the Far Side. And Bloom county. I remember when Doonsbury was both relevant *and* funny. I remember when Garfield was fresh, and when Bill the Cat was introduced to mock him. I remember when Outland turned into Bloom County II, and just sort of sucked.

I remember when Danny Elfman wasn’t a hack… and when a new Tim Burton movie looked fun, and fresh.

I remember a time when there was only one Star Wars movie, and it was cool.

I remember really digging after school TV. 4-in a row – My Favorite Martian or Lost In Space, (it alternated), Batman, The Monkees and Classic Star Trek.

I never really liked the Transformers.

Robotech was on in the morning, but I only ever got to see half an episode, because I had to leave for school.

I’ve learned not to compartmentalize my friends so much these days. Overlap is a generally a good thing.

I remember being kissed on the Haunted Mansion Ride, and not following through with it, because I thought I’d be going out with someone else that week. I was wrong, and I missed a great opportunity for a relationship and a long-term friendship as a result.

Dancing with a deaf girl is nice, because you can lead, and the music won’t screw you up if you can’t follow the beat. You can continue to slow dance even after the music has stopped.

I’ve found that most people aren’t on the same frequency as I am, but they’re usually willing to talk until all of what they have to say needs to get said. My communication skills vary greatly depending on who I’m talking to. I’ve found that I communicate best with children, animals, and people with a light history of marijuana use.

I have the most difficulty communicating with people trapped “inside the box”. They think that just because I talk kindly to them, that I share their beliefs… no, I’m tolerant, is all. I do get a little frustrated with people who don’t dialogue, but instead spend the time when I’m speaking thinking up a reply to what I’m saying, rather than *listening* to what I have to say.

I’ve learned to actually listen to what people are saying to me. Most of the time. If my brain’s filter doesn’t turn it into the cawing of crows due to something said that was colossally stupid. That can get me into trouble if I’m not careful.

I would really like to have a diet cream soda slurpee. I wonder if they’ve ever tried that flavor?

exit stage right
Exit, Stage Right.

Torrenting the first three episodes of HBO’s Rome – GP seems to dig it, and I trust his judgment.

Got an invite to a Hero Group, meeting every other weekend:

Just pinging some people from RPGRegistry.com because a few friends and I are interested in getting a Hero game together to play every other weekend (probably Friday nights, but this is mutable). Anyway, just seeing what kind of response we get. There are three of us. We’re probably looking for two more, maybe three. We’d love to find a Hero GM if possible (but if necessary, I’ll run, but I’m just learning the system), so if you or someone you know would be interested, drop me a line. We’re all late 20s to later 30s, experienced gamers, and looking for a the same.

We’re currently most interested in playing Fantasy Hero, but Space Hero holds some interest as well. I’m located in Boca, another player is in Hollywood, and the other is way west on Miramar Pkwy.

I replied that I wouldn’t mind meeting folks and seeing what’s what. Friday’s aren’t the best for me, but maybe it’ll work out. It’ll be interesting to test the waters and meet new folks. That reminds me, I should write back to J & B sometime soon, too. Hopefully, the bulk of extendo-weekeneds is over for the time being.

Nifty Video of a woman fending off an elevator purse-snatcher.

Moment of Lyric: ‘mp3 – Thanks again, Firpo!)

Sheep, Sheep, Don’t you know the road?
Yes, my Lord I know the road.
Sheep, Sheep, Don’t you know the road?
Yeah, Lord I know the road.

Don’t you know the road by the playin’ of the song?
Yes, my Lord I know the road.
Don’t you know the road by the playin’ of the song?
Yeah, Lord I know the road.

It’s funny, but it’s true that once I became an agnostic, I started finding spirituals more lovely than when I was steeped in religion. I was reminded of that when F pointed out that was the situation for her, as well.

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