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Ah, choco chippie cookies arrived yesterday in a box the size of New Zealand. (FedEx large!) Newton also liked the brown-paper padding to protect on the edges of the Tupperware container. They are delicious, and only a little settling occurred in shipping. (a choco chip cookie tastes just as good when broken in half, anyhow!)

Thank you so very, very much, weezleweezle! You’re a very kind friend, and I appreciate your delightful efforts! Maybe that “trade of goods” could work out after all! 😉

Very Brief Moment of Lyric (mp3) – will expire in 7 days or so. Thanks, edenette!

Hot Monkey / Hot Ass / Cold Beer / No Class

Nice time in 2nd life… touring is a hoot with a sweet conversationalist. I need to learn a little notecard scripting for the orb, and it’ll be even better. Related – Wells Fargo Buys ‘Second Life’ Island

Python quiz