7757 – big bunny (thanks eryx!)

big bunny
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Artists erect giant pink bunny on mountain

An enormous pink bunny has been erected on an Italian mountainside where it will stay for the next 20 years.

A 200ft pink bunny has been erected on an Italian mountainside where it will stay for the next 20 years /Europics

The 200-foot-long toy rabbit lies on the side of the 5,000 foot high Colletto Fava mountain in northern Italy’s Piedmont region.

Viennese art group Gelatin designed the giant soft toy and say it was “knitted by dozens of grannies out of pink wool”.

Group member Wolfgang Gantner said: “It’s supposed to make you feel small, like Gulliver. You walk around it and you can’t help but smile.”

And Gelatin members say the bunny is not just for walking around – they are expecting hikers to climb its 20 foot sides and relax on its belly.

The giant rabbit is expected to remain on the mountain side until 2025.


7756 – lj interests meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. blowing bubbles:
    I’ve always really liked soap bubbles. They’re perfectly round… defy gravity, have a slick of color all over them… and I dig how they fade to gray right before bursting.
  2. cryptozoology:
    Yeti. Bigfoot. Nessie. Chupacabra. a 15-year old LJer that doesnt use words like n00b. all are fascinating, and I’d like to think that the beasties exist.
  3. folklore:
    You can learn a lot about a culture by reading what it believes… old fairy tales and folk beliefs often impress me by how far on the mark they can be as how far off.
  4. herbs:
    Sage & mint… something that anyone can grow at home to add a little something to cooking or folkways/ hedge-witchery (see above) I don’t grow all of my own food, but there’s a pleasure in putting something I did raise into what is prepared.
  5. journaling:
    Records of the past again… my own this time, and I like reading those of many other folks, too. The best reason is so I can look back and see where people were before.. and watch them grow.
  6. music:
    Pretty straightforward. I like music, just about all kinds. Solid melodies, and the sort that can move you (to cry or laugh.. or remember) the best.
  7. petroglyphs:
    I like caves, and prehistoric/primative man. This is sort of a natural result of the two. I’d love to own land that had caves on it, where I could go and relax.
  8. science:
    aquiring knowledge and buildng on it can be a delight. science is a great tool.
  9. thunderstorms:
    they bring me peace. good nap weather, lightshows, wate ron glass combine to a favored mood.
  10. westerns:
    Distinctly american, and overly romanticised at times, something that happeend only 120 years ago or so seems another planet away. Classic movies, novels, etc… some of my favorite mixes of black & white vs gray areas.

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is still one of my favorite movies of all time, and Riders of the Purple Sage one of my fave books.

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7350 – Monday, yet again. Misc thoughts.


Avast! It be Talk like a pirate day! Well, shave me belly with a rusty razor! I tell ya true!

Ye scurvy swabs! Batten down your poop-decks!

Happy 77th B-day, Adam West!

My first direct impact with gas prices. I took a taxi just up the street to do laundry (my load being too large to frog-march), and to prices have gone up considerably since my last use… before, the haul was $2.50 for the entire trip, but with the new pricing, it cost $3.70. The new cost is $2.50 just to get into the vehicle, and the first 1/6 mile. $.40 each additional 1/6 mile after that.

Time for me to price out a new wheel-cart. Heaven help anyone that actually has to go a considerable distance, like the airport or the like.

I was reflecting on times that were less prosperous for me. When at my worst, I had no place to live, and couldn’t afford to eat my fill, even at taco bell. If it wasn’t for food stamps for that month, I probably would’ve had to steal to survive.

That brought to mind all of these false charities, designed to take money meant to feed children and line the pockets of someone taking advantage of the disaster and the kinder natures of the human heart.

If I ever meet someone driving a Cadillac fueled by children he killed, I will use my imagination to its fullest extent to make that person suffer like no other. I have a very good imagination. Those thoughts fanned my more angry side for a bit, making me brew methods of pain on all levels against another person, in all four rooms of his house ( A physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual.) That upset me a bit, because I like to consider myself a kind and merciful person.

I have no kind or merciful thoughts for someone who hurts children for personal gain. I don’t feel forgiveness in my heart for them… I just want to hurt them in every way possible, and to make an example for anyone else who might think to do such stuff.

Not a terribly Christian attitude, and that saddens me on another level. My anger outweighs my sadness, however.

My teeth feel sharp against my tongue. The funny thing is that I feel pretty good in most other respects. more friendly-folk recently, a bit of an ease in workplace issues (just a bit).

Just found some folks speaking about me in a kind way during a random google update… how nice!

had a good time at qdot’s with uber and the gang, but I logged out a bit early, to prep for mondays’ hubbub.. prep the office for possible storm issues.

“Fiat Lux” is a 3-D movie by Paul Debevec, who pioneered HDRI and image-based lighting and rendering for realistic and stunning 3-D imagery.

Hurricane Rita. Here we go again!

Tropical storm watch

7348 – brief recap, electric man

Nice day with Dan yesterday.. did lunch and hung out for a few hours. We talked about a few ideas for second life designs, and I think some have real potential… not much beats the bee-gun however.

I think Tater tots and sushi are a natural combo. I may be the only person to feel that way.

Got to spend some lovely time on a pirate quest in 2nd L with HP, too. Always a pleasure to hang out with her. We won some awesome snow globe trophies.

New GROW game

Three animated lj cat icons –

Moment of Lyric (quicktime movie herevia)