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Saw a Goth girl in some kind of secret ID, bright yellow sundress. Stark contrast against blacker-than-black hair and heavy eyeliner. Still, quite a cutie.

This country needs more cowbell. Walken 2008.

Heard from lisa^2 in Texas on while on walkabout downtown. they sound very rambunctious, and fun on the road.

I totally agree with Dane Cook about people wearing t-shirts with the Superman emblem.

Tiger face

Scotto is NOT La Portamenta.
Scotto is the last of the mad-genius sopranos, dementodiva.
Scotto’s is a smallish, well-stocked and friendly shop along busy Court S..
Scotto is alone in his perspective of the world, having lived in every …
Scotto is currently studying female Russian pop and rock singers who are…
“Our strategy,” reveals Scotto ” is to be the McDonalds of the banking industry.”
Scotto is the owner of Manhattan’s “Table XII” Restaurant at: 109 East 56th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.
Scotto is a Network Specialist.
Scotto is pleasant, dedicated and hardworking.
scotto is a regular poster who posts lengthy, apparently pointless anecdotes that begin and end nowhere, with seemingly little distance covered in between.
scotto is a weak man.
Scotto is not for dieters
Scotto, is currently a senior here at …
Scotto is adamant about the Target Markets mission statement

Last done here, in 2002.

Copy this list into your journal, strike everything that’s not true. Everything else is true.
(Strike is < *s> (without the * ) if you don’t know html.)

1) I have green eyes.
2) I come from a rich family.
3) I have a Deadjournal.
4) I know how to operate a vehicle correctly.
5) I have been in more than 2 car accidents in the past 12 months.
6) I have a motorcycle permit or license.
7) My father is over 50. (well, his remains are, but he passed away before that point)
8) I believe in Satan.
9) I listen to rap music.
10) I’ve never done anything I say I really regret.
11) I cheated on one of my exes and they don’t know about it to this day.
12) I slept in a bathroom.
13) My favorite color is neon orange.
14) My school colors were red and white.
15) I wish I knew my mother better.
16) I look older than I really am.
17) I am a Scorpio.
18) I detest spiders with every fiber of my being.
19) I am pro-choice.
20) I consider myself to be an intelligent person.
21) I was alive in 1989.
22) I have a broken heart.
23) I remember a lot about my first love.
24) I will die and bring no secrets to my grave.
25) I hate driving on ice or in snow.
26) I am Japanese.
27) I speak a language most people don’t understand.
28) My vision is perfect.
29) My favorite band is From First To Last
30) I am left-handed.
31) My favorite body part on the opposite sex is below their waist.
32) I am a Grammar Nazi and I am proud of it.
33) I don’t like myspace. I don’t have a myspace. And I’m cool with that.
34) I am single.
35) I am pretty personable.
36) I let moodiness take over sometimes.
37) My mother is well taken care of.
38) My father makes more money than my mother does. (Father passed away long ago)
39) I play the lottery (or if you’re not 18, one of your parents does).
40) I only like dark chocolate.
41) I have eaten already today.
42) I want to conquer the world and rename it something else.
43) I am a virgin.
44) My favorite animal would not make a good pet.
45) I often contemplate throwing my computer out the window.
46) I have a distaste for anything made with cheese.
47) I am hispanic.
48) I hate chores.
49) I am a neat freak.
50) My hair is brown.
51) I am short.
52) I am afraid of dying.
53) I love someone very dearly and would give my life for them.
54) My email is at hotmail, yahoo, or aol.
55) I have been seriously depressed in the past.
56) I have had the Chicken Pox (the disease, not the vaccine).
57) I enjoy reading the newspaper.
58) I like online shopping better than going to the mall or to the store.
59) My place of work is less than 20 miles from my home.
60) I like bolding surveys more than any other kind.
61) I’m lazy.
62) I am too nice for my own good.
63) I really should be doing something else.
64) I like to debate.
65) I enjoy/enjoyed high school.
66) I think that I am nice-looking or sexually desireable.
67) I clean my room at least once a month.
68) I’ve lived in an apartment.
69) I like the city more than the country.
70) I listen to country music.
71) I am listening to music right now.
72) I’ve been to a rock concert.
73) I like listening to wind chimes.
74) I have been skinny dipping before.
75) I wanted to be a super hero when I was little.
76) I remember being born.
77) I don’t trust politicians.
78) My hair has been dyed in the past year.
79) I have more than 2 piercings.
80) I am female.
81) I love being different.
82) I’m incredibly sarcastic.
83) I like to play video games.
84) I am lactose intolerant.
85) I keep an online journal.
86) I’m sensitive.
87) I cry more than most people do.
88) My favorite movie genre is Comedy.
89) I have sang in public before.
90) I enjoy dancing.
91) I’ve gone clubbing with friends.
92) I am 18 or older.
93) I have never tried to do a cartwheel.
94) My dad made me a treehouse when I was younger.
95) My mother drives a truck.
96) I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger.
97) I watch CSI.
98) I want to dye my hair an unnatural color.
99) I have wasted more than 5 minutes on this survey.
100) I watch football on Sundays.

Moment of lyric

Looking at my only window trying to see through
Looking at my frosted window dying to see through
Something is covering my eyes — it’s you

Is the world still turning round or is it standing still
Is the sun still burning down or has it caught a chill
Something is covering my eyes — it’s you

You only let me see what you have planned for me
I guess there’ll never be anything more, anything more

Is it wrong for me to ask for things I cannot do
Is it wrong for me to want to know what’s false or true
Something is covering my eyes — it’s you
It’s you

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