7643 – Monday. Dag-nabbit. Noisy post.

Greasemap is a “user script” for Greasemonkey, which is a plugin framework for Firefox. It augments any web page you visit by searching the page for geocodeable addresses or other geotags. If it finds any, it automatically shows all such locations on a Google Map which is injected into the page you are viewing, within an iframe from Vinq.com. (thanks to chris::wired for the tidbit!)

Works great with my journal page.

Ducktales song in another language sounds more like anti-circumcision propaganda and other lechery. ( http://uncutohh.ytmnd.com/ )

embedded audio works best in msie (mp3 to play with the pic, if embedded sound doesn’t work)

Added “Briefcase full of Blues” to my mp3 player. The late 1970s going on 1985. Hard to believe there’s a 25th anniversary dvd of the movie coming out this month.

Original Rubber Biscuit Lyrics by The Chips.