7633 – countdown to the weekend

Friday Five. (swiped from eryx_uk )

5. Did you follow NASA’s latest space mission?
Only the audioblog of one of the astronauts and a lot of the pretty pictures. I didn’t follow it too deeply. I got a sense of false drama about the recovery window, which was a little pesky.

4. If you could launch a politician into space, and perhaps they wouldn’t make it back, who would it be?

Can’t we put ’em all on a big space ark? If I had to pick one, I’d go bakc in time, and put GWB senior on one before current prez was concieved.

3. Do you believe in an after-life?

I think it’s pretty unlikely, but it’s a nice thought. I also have severe doubts about ghosts, angels and reincarnation.

2. If there really are aliens, what do you think they look like?
Hopefully some form that allows them to communicate with us, and makes it easy for us to use alien technology. (No doubt when they come to enslave us/eat us/ want to make “friends” with our children/ etc, we’ll need to turn them against themselves, because I doubt a computer virus from a powerbook or avian flu will do the job.)

1. Have you ever been to Europe?
Yupperdoodle! Germany and Spain are nifty, but I’d probably like to visit Scotland next go ’round.

7632 – Who knows the secret of the Delirium box?

Minor case of instant karma last night at the ‘mat. I saw someone leave without her drivers license and credit card, and I brought ’em to her as she was pulling out of the parking lot. She kindly insisted on giving me a fiver to cover the cost of doing the laundry. Presto!

I also gave a homeless guy a pack of matches when he asked if I had a lighter. I carry matches with me all the time now, even if I don’t smoke… I’m not sure when I picked that quirk up, but people always seem to think that I’m a smoker… plus, you never know when you’re going to need fire.

This little chain reaction game thing is far too hypnotic than it should be. 1052 is my current best.

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