7533 – Midweek already! hooray 4-day weeks!

Not nearly enough time with MP yesterday. Had supper with Danny ad Subway, and we gabbed a bit. He brought me a present of The Bard’s Tale, which was a pleasant surprise. I haven’t installed it yet, but it looks like fun. I forgot to get my Tiki Cup.

I told MP that I thought about her snuggled close when I went to sleep at night. She replied playfully “you don’t think about me during the day?” and gave me a triple-threat smooch. (both cheeks, and then on the kisser.) She’s flattered when I wear the cologne she got me. She also told me that she didn’t want me to suffer while she’s gone.. I’ll be pretty cool, I think, as long as she heads back to the states in Sept like she plans. I’ll be fairly peeved if that doesn’t come to pass.

Bro talked to me, and he told me that he hadn’t seen me put on my rage-face on like I did when that whole almost-fight happened en route to the bus station. I haven’t had to manhandle my bro in ages, and I think he was surprised when I kind of pulled him out of the way and intervened between him and the other guy.

There’s a part of me that *really* wanted to commit violence on the BS-guy. Pounding the devil out of him, and taking a few hits would’ve been cleansing. That sort of behavior is wholly inappropriate, but the caveman inside would’ve been happy for a few minutes.

I wouldn’t mind a sparring partner or a good long session smacking the heavy bag.

Forehead Inflation. – via temporary saline injection – Maybe not for the squeamish.

I’ve got the Nairobi Trio playing Solfeggio in my head over and over. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I miss the Ernie Kovacs show.

What the heck… over 800 hits yesterday on the easter manatee entry? What’s causing folks to go back to the end of march back to tag it? it’s not direct picture links.. it’s the entry itself. different locations, assorted browsers… and it’s not from google or yahoo search. no referral links.

Tropical Storms Cindy and Dennis may be on the way? Seedling hurricanes.

I’m not too worried about Cindy….


But Dennis is a distinct possibility. Would I be selfish to hope I could hole up from the storm with MP for the weekend?


Moment of Lyric: (link)