7517 – Friday, but I’m not at work. no Sir.

On the road home from work, I got a call from bro… he wanted me to go with him to pay his fine at the courthouse. We met at the library, and we walked to the courthouse from there…. arrived at 4:35, and the payment area closed at 4:30. A helpful information desk person told me I could pay it online, or go to a nearby DMV location, that was open until 6. Seeing as we were a long march from any DMV, we hoofed it back to the library, and I paid it online. I printed up a receipt, and he was good to go. I was a little peeved that we didn’t just go online at the library and do it, but it gave me a chance to gab with bro, and stretch my legs a bit. He’s talking about maybe going to Belize to live. I think he’d survive fairly well there, and I can guess why he’d like to leave the USA for a span… plus, English is the official language over there, so he’d manage. It’s funny… Danny did missionary work teaching in Guatemala ages ago, too.

Last night was the 2-year birthday party for the club.. it was a huge cattle call of people looking for free booze and food. We had a nice time, but as it was standing room only for a good part of the night, we high-tailed it up the road, once we said hi to the crew, got some dinner and cake.

Magda played Newtie, and they got along very well. Newt was a bit shy, and didn’t attack.. he got cuddly with her after a few minutes of lovies (Like father like son, I guess). I think he figured out she’s the scent I’ve been bringing home.

Random Magda Factoid – In Columbia, there are some butterflies that are *HUGE*, black-wings things that scare the devil out of her.. she likes the little, colorful ones just fine, but if they’re as big as two hands together, all black, with long bug legs and wings that get in your face when you go to a storage room, no go. Here’s a picture (of the bug, not Magda being scared).

I still think Palmetto bugs are the ookiest of insects. Like regular cockroaches, except they’re dinosaur-huge, and can fly. I’ve heard them referred to as the only bug that requires license plates.

That may be from the time in the mid-80s when I was sleeping over at Brent’s house after working on a long session of gaming on his Apple ][…I woke up in the middle of the night, because I heard a clicking… didn’t know what it was. I looked around the room (still lit up, everyone was just strewn around, zonked out) and saw Brent, laying on his stomach… his back was peeling from a sunburn. Sitting on his left shoulder blade was a roach, gnawing on some of the peeled up skin.

So, Yeah, that was about as ookie an encounter with a Bug I’ve ever had. I think the fact that it was just sort of sitting there, pulling flaps of crispy friend-skin with his front legs, and making those clicky noises was about all my freshly awakened brain could handle. Unthinking, I took a magazine, rolled it up, and smacked him hard.

Brent was not too crazy about being awakened at 4am by me slapping his burn with a magazine, either.

I missed the roach, too… he scuttled off, but was integrated with the wall shortly thereafter. I suspect Brent wouldn’t have believed me if there wasn’t a body to be found, so that’s just as well.

I searched my journal for “brent” and “roach” and even “sunburn”… I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned it before now.

rosin_dubh pointed me to eNature, a guide to regional critters. (you can put a dud email address in when it asks for one)

Sample sub-article is a Manatee Link for Kellie.

When you’re smashing megalomaniac villains hellbent on world domination, the theft of Fort Knox’s gold reserves, or interrupting the morning newspaper delivery, you naturally don’t want to get your hands soiled or injured while fighting for truth, justice and the (insert name of your country here) way. That’s why so many denizens of the comics wear gloves – which, for superheroines, often means opera gloves.

via beaucoupkev

I guess there’s a fetish for everyone.

Ok, I’m caught up for now… off to do my blood donation (I missed my earlier appointment this week due to hubbub.) Until later, dear journal.

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