7390 – Saturday flew by. Sunday, be as good, but go slow, please.

Two Breakdancing bodybuilders. Comically Disturbing. Who attends these things?

My love is in a space in my heart
A little like loose change some times
A little bit linty at others,
But always there with me, I know…
Because I put my hand there,
And I feel it.

No Date time with MP yesterday… she was mopey and was more in the mood to just go home and chill. Ah well, next time.

I rode with mzkitten on the bus back to her place, instead. She has a more positive outlook right now… I think she’s pretty happy with her current path, at last.

The bus goes right to the front of the building, but we got mega-rained on, regardless.

Pictures of mzk from yesterday, at club and on the bus.

Posing on the fainting couch with a huge bottle of Champagne

In front of the wine-tasting display

Candid shot of Pregnant (5mos, showing quite a bit) bartender behind mzk and the wine display

Near the weird old guy with the spider-man knapsack

Mzk notices said knapsack

On the bus riding home.. $2, instead of a $20 cab ride!

What a little Rockabetty she is, in her Johnny Cash T-Shirt!

Moment of Lyric:

I was once I was strolling one very hot summer’s day
When I thought laid myself down to rest
In a big field of tall grass
I laid there in the sun and felt it caressing my face
As I fell asleep and dreamed
I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie
And that I was the star of the movie
This really blew my mind
The fact that me an overfed long haired leaping gnome
Should be the star of a Hollywood movie, hmmm
But there I was

I can’t remember when a girl had whispered in my ear, and I didn’t like it. I think it’s always been a good thing.

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