7347 – FIVE FIVE FIVE! in thirteen months, it’ll be SIX SIX SIX!

Lots of birds this morning. Mourning dove, green amazon parrots, and a woodpecker somewhere. When I leave the house, that’ll soon turn to more city sounds. Tires on pavement, wind over SUVs whooshing, and other assorted traffic sounds.

Moment of Lyric:

I don’t know how to hide,
Keep my shadow alive,
It’s easy to defend,
The logic of a friend
And I don’t know how to tell, if it’s heaven or hell
That I’ll be going to
Just as long as I’m there with you.

Fishbone! They put on a great show.


after the show, walking to the stop for my ride home – I spot another dose… corner of Oakland and Federal.

I had to snuff remote access to my animation of Large Marge (from my 10-19-03 entry) . It was being hot-linked into all sorts of locations (mostly myspace and message boards). There’s really no excuse for that, considering how many free-hosts are out there now.

Oops, I did it Again – 30’s style < -Possibly the best britney cover, ever. I may be biased, because I've got a tendency to sing a lot of songs in this style when exceptionally bored.
“Hey scott, I just did a search for this old garage on dania blvd and your site popped up I was wondering if you know who owns it or the one down the street? Any help would be appreciated. You can call at [edited out] my name is katie thanks.”

I get asked questions regularly as a result of my journal. I’d say that I get an average of about three emails a week asking me to be a reference librarian in some capacity or another. I help out where I can. How can I turn this into a mode of revenue?

MzKitten came up with a nifty moneymaking method, too. It involves Newt as a spokescritter, and working out distribution. I won’t go into it much more than that. (Of course, we also came up with the “cone of silence” idea too.)

lj-questionnaire meme thingum

1. Your LiveJournal “user name”: Scottobear

Explain what it means: I go by Scotto, A friendly version of my name. As for bear – I am big and hairy. I like berries, honey, and hugging. Sleeping in the winter is nice. I will maul you if you mess with my loved ones.

2. The “name” that you chose to use (if not your USER name):
Raj KAJ – There are some who call me Kareem Adel Jabbar

3. Explain how you picked / why you selected the user picture(s) that you have?
They’re all aspects of my personality or the type of posts I make… or, cute pictures of Newt!

– The Stats –

4. Date of survey (because things will change as soon as you finish it): 5/5/05
Account type: Permanent Account, previously an Early Adopter
Friends (#): 78
Friends of (#): 188
Communities (#): 21
Memories (#): 745
Journal entries: 7347
Comments posted: 40,489
Received: 37,661

– Your Journal –

5. Why do you have a Journal page?
It’s fun. I get a reference point to where my mind was in the past, work out some writing experiments, and gab with pals about things that interest me. Better than a written journal, because it’s safely stored elsewhere, and is multimedia. In recent years, a number of old friends have caught up with me here, too. Best thing is that it’s my own personal time capsule. everything else is gravy.

Do you have a Journal page for yourself, your friends, strangers to know you, and/or everyone?
Primarily for me, but I also share wacky links for everyone.

6. Why did you pick LiveJournal (LJ) over another service or handwriting?
It was the easiest to use at the time, and worked.

7. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how well does your LiveJournal represent who you actually are?
I’d say an eight or nine, at least as far as public entries go. I’m sure some elements are lost when body language and interaction are missing.

8. How do you think your LJ represents you the most…

Factually: It’d be silly to lie about myself in my own journal. That said, I don’t share everything in a public forum. Including the “my eyes only” stuff, I’d say a 10.

Emotionally: 9 – Odds are good that a person can tell where my heart is at any given time. Some really special things are private for the protection of others, myself.

Intellectually: 8 – I’m not just about Zombies, Monkeys, Robots, Dinosaurs, Going to the club, dopey links, secret societies and Newt. But Close.

Sexually: 2 -I keep those stories to myself, for the most part. Unless they’re logged in as me, a reader won’t know very much outside of “I had a great night last night”.

Religiously: 10 – I’m an agnostic. easily shared, easily done.

Artistically: 9 – Palm doodles, photography, writing samples and the like get posted here on occasion.

9. How much about your life do you post to LJ?
A goodly chunk. Work, social time, family, etc.

Is there anything you refuse to post about?
Publicly? I’ll do my best not to talk about work in public posts, outside of harmless stuff. I don’t want to get myself in trouble or betray any trusts.

10. On a scale of 1-10 how interesting do you think your own journal is to others?
I’d say a 7. more than many, less than some.

11. From who/how did you find out about LJ?
Ana Voog. I was frequenting her webpage’s journal, and it turned up as a topic of conversation. I was maintaining a journal on my website before that, but it was clunky.

12. Has anyone ever joined LJ because of you?
A few people. Danny has a mostly dead account, Ex-gamers Ho-Heather, Brian, and Robb all signed one for them, too. I don’t know if they still use ’em at all or not. I’ve lost contact with that crowd. Shari tried to make a craft-selling one, but deleted it soon afterwards. Sammy started one up, and pokes it on a rare occasion now and then, too. I’d say about 15 people joined to comment when I remover anonymous posts for a short time, but lapsed into anony-posts once they were reactivated. There have been a few others.

13. How long have you been a member of LJ?
Since 2000-05-19 19:47:56. So, that’d make it…

1946 days, 11 hours, 22 minutes and 4 seconds. About 5 years, give or take.

14. How often do you post to LJ?
Wildly variable, but at least once a day. I’m not as prolific as I was in the beginning, but I have gone as high as 4 entries in a day this year.

15. What proportion of your posts are friends only?
Rarely. I’d say maybe 1 post in 50 are friend’s only, if that. Maybe 1 post in 25 are my eyes only.

16. What is your favorite interest on LJ?
giant rubber monsters. I’m astounded that other folks I’ve never met have taken it form my page and used it, too.

17. What is your favorite community on LJ?
menstrualhut (because I put it together, and it’s still ticking, years later with thousands of users.)

18. Have you ever learned anything new on LJ?
Dern Tootin’. Practically every day.

19. Has anything on LJ ever caused you to establish, rethink, or even change your belief or position on something?
Yes. I can be swayed by reasonable, beleiveable debate, especially if there is new evidence that I’ve never seen before.

20. How often do you respond / comment on other peoples journals?
When I feel like it. If I see an entry that I think that I can add to with my opinion, show appreciation or just to say hello to a friend.

21. Do you prefer to write in your Journal, read other Journals, respond to others entries, or get responses to your entries?
I prefer to write in my journal first, and then the interactive stuff.

22. What’s the longest you’ve gone without posting to LJ since the day you signed up?
Three days, back in August 19, 2000. I’ve posted at least an entry a day since then.

23. What’s the longest you’ve gone without reading LJ since you discovered it?
Three days, give or take. see q. 22.

24. What is your favorite post you’ve ever made to LJ?
not sure. I like a few of my recurring themes. Father’s Birthday, Walking, the Frankie-mooch timeline, etc.

25. What is your favorite post you’ve ever read on LJ?
Again, no one post. I really love when I read about babies being born or folks getting together to have fun. Travelogues with lots of pictures, audio posts, solid pieces of life are up there to me.

26. What’s the weirdest or funniest thing you’ve seen on LJ?
Most disturbing / weird was that Eels in the girl porno thing. Funniest? I’ve laughed a lot.

27. Have you ever specifically asked a question for people to reply to in your Journal?
Many times. I’ve posted polls, too.

28. Have you ever tried to play the “trace yourself back through friends from a random LJ user”?
Not in a loooong time.

29. Have you ever played the “add a sentence to my post” game?
Again, not in a loooong time. I have with ldy, sweetalyssm, ktm, applelard and a few others. I liked the haiku-arena slam variation better.

30. Have you ever lied/fibbed in your journal?
No. (Of course, I might be fibbing here!)

31. Have you ever had something mean said to you or been stalked, harassed, or got into an argument/flame war on LJ (or did it to someone else)?
Yup, but the fire got put out quickly.

32. Have you ever banned someone from your Journal?
Yes. I also screen anonymous comments.

33. Has LiveJournal had any significant impact on your life?
I’d say so. I’ve made some real friends, formed new opinions, and been taught a thing or three.

– Friends –

34. Who are your favorite LJ friend(s) and why?
I hate these sorts of questions. Someone always ends up feeling hurt or left out, or weird. Suffice to say that if I read someone’s LJ, I’m interested in what they might have to say. Note that I don’t refer to all of them as friends, different ljers push different buttons. I do like and admire the vast majority of them.

here are just a few of the folks that I can’t help but love to read. They all deserve to get lots of free books, walks in spring showers, oral sex, oatmeal cookies, or whatever makes ’em happiest.

juliabee – her posts are a rare gift these days, and she’s a very private person. I’ve seen a lot of great thought, heart and character come out over the years.

mootpoint – A really kind soul, someone that is either really good at being humble or doesn’t realize how good both he and his writing really is. I’m glad that he’s come back into the fold and is writing more regularly again. he now has a family and a very different life than when he started.

edbook – he makes stunning photos, has llamas, and seems like a very gentle person. He’s someone that seems almost too nifty to be true, but he is.

danigolden – can go from very deep to fricking hilarious in a second flat. a gem of many facets. knows the value of small animals that gnaw on things.

meredith – rock-climbing, gun-shooting, craft-making, kitty-camming, smartie with the first sketchbook app I’d seen on her website.

nomi – quite wise beyond her years, has some of the best travelogues and insights.

oneeyedcat & sedefendo – probably the most physically displaced from me, over in the land of sand and oil. two generations, both of which are hopeful, witty, and full of love. The whole family there is so awesome. They’ve been through a lot, and live in a totally different world than I do.

kellwood – One of my LJ-“sisters”. I’ve seen her children born and grow right before my eye by way of LJ… she’s also a fun, nutty person to have around.

All for different reasons. Very different slices of life. very different styles of presentation. All are people I think that I’d have a really nice time sitting down and having lunch with…If I had a lot of disposable income, I’d try to fly my whole reading list out for a little weekend getaway somewhere, either singly or as a group, depending on what they prefer.

35. How many of your LJ friends are your friends in “real life”?
How many do I know, and hang out with regularly? 2. Danny and Heather.

36. How many of your LJ friends have you actually met?
16. However, some of them I knew pre-lj.

37. Have you ever e-mailed or I.M.’d someone you found on LJ?
Yes, but I’ve always introduced myself via comments and such a bit first.

38. Of all of the people on LJ you know of, who is the most like you?
I’d have to say scottobear. Discounting myself, I’d suspect that mootpoint is the most similar.

39. Who is the most intelligent or insightful person you know on LJ?
flying_blind has a good corner on both of those markets.

40. Who is the most fun person you know on LJ?
Pleading the fifth, here. lots of fun folks. read my list.

41. Who is your least favorite/most annoying LJ user or community?
I don’t know names, but any of those serial adder things is kind of a peeve.

42. How do you usually find new friends on LJ?
These days, they tend to find me. Sometimes I get an interest or locality and go that way. I’ve made most of my most recent friends by sniffing around the South Florida communities.

43. Why are you most likely to add someone to your friends list?
If they’re someone I want to read every day, I’ll add ’em.

44. Do you automatically add friends to your journal if they add you first?
No, but I do sniff over the journal that did so.

What is the most likely reason you wouldn’t add someone to your friends list?
If they’re mean, write 100 entries a day, or are boring, I won’t bother.

45. Do you care if someone adds you to his or her friends list if you add him or her first?
Nope. I read who I like because I like to read ’em.

Would you remove them from yours if they didn’t?

46. Are there any people’s Journals (users / friends), communities, interests, or searches you frequent on LiveJournal that you don’t or will not list in your user info page?
a few. mostly things that are so high-traffic that it would be hard to find other folks in the same reading page. Instead, I’ve blogmarked ’em.

– More than Friends on LJ –

47. Is your “Significant Other” on LJ?
Doesn’t Apply. No current SO.

If not, do they know you post on LJ?
See above

48. Other than your S.O., who are you the most attracted to on LJ?
I get little crushes here and there. I’ll plead the 5th.

49. Who is the sexiest person you know on LJ?
Dang. There are a *LOT* of sexy LJers. Depends on what my interest-meter is reading at the moment. pleading the 5th again.

50. Have you ever fantasized about someone on LJ?
Yup. my ex-SO, while she was still my SO

51. Would you want to know if someone fantasized about you on LJ?
I would and I’d like details, because I’m mildly egotistical and super nosy.

52. Would you date someone you met on LJ?
Sure, why not?

53. Have you ever wanted to meet someone on LJ?
Many a time.

54. Have you ever actually met someone from LJ romantically (or otherwise) and hit it off (or not)?
Yup, I’ve gotten along with the vast majority of LJers that I’ve met.

55. Have you ever posted a naughty picture / post / story on LJ?
Nah. I’m not that sort of guy.

– Technical LiveJournal –

56. Do you prefer to post from a Client or the Web Interface?
Client – Semagic.

57. Do you use HTML to add extras to your entries?
Yes. Links and pics, usually, plus a page tracker.

58. Is your LJ page customized (at all – even from template), template, or default?
yup! Pretty.

59. Do you usually use the WinAmp music detector, add you music manually, or none at all?
Winamp in semagic

60. How well do you know the LJ features and how to use it?
I’d say very well.

61. What is your favorite LJ feature?
Not sure. I like the directory search.

62. What is your least favorite LJ feature (one that you would change or delete if you could)?
a weird focus on looks over content. I prefer more functionality than more style sheets.

63. What feature would you most like to see added to LJ?
Being able to modify comments, and a “save draft” to the web interface.

64. What moods would you most like to see added to LJ?
mortified, jubilant, awed, frisky

65. “One day the directory will work again.” How long until you believe until that day will come?
No longer applicable. It seems to work now.

66. On a scale of 1-100, rate the LJ for convenience, usefulness, and coolness factor:
Convenience: 85%
Usefulness: 95%
Coolness: 90%

– Miscellaneous –

67. How many other surveys have you done on LJ?
more than I care to count.

68. How does this survey compare to those?

69. Do you think this last question was added solely to get to this number or not?
very likely.

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